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  • From Shattered Darkness
    225 15 6

    A short story written for the Red Feather Award Summer 2019 Writing Contest. Thana, living on war-torn Earth, is pulled from her life and learns shocking secrets about herself and her family. Old questions are answered and new questions are asked when she meets the Universe and time is ticking for her to make an impos...

  • Short Works
    373 42 12

    Sometimes, you have inspiration that you are just too lazy to put into a book. These are my short works that I don't have time to make into Books.

  • Blood-tied Lies
    1.8K 157 30

    Left in the dark for fifteen years, Novia learns a terrible secret about her past. Her mother, a powerful enchantress, has kept many things from her and it's time to uncover the truth. The past is long gone, the truth hurts, and happy endings are only a fantasy...or are they? For Novia, it would mean mistrust, lies, a...