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  • The Demon King's Beloved Daughter
    174K 9.3K 44

    Freya Antinea Laphinia woke up from an assassination attempt with memories of her previous life. She reincarnated into a novel she read! It wasn't a romance novel, it wasn't a reincarnation novel, it was a shitty one star stallion novel! As a former assassin who could get any man she wanted, there was no way that she'...

  • Star Academy: Will I get my freedom? (hiatus)
    8.6K 544 20

    After being locked up for 9 years, Bella finally took the courage to escape the clutches of her horrible 'family'. She had spent a year in the outside world but an academy made for ability users for her threatened her to obediently participate school. Things weren't as simple as she thought...what secrets about hersel...

  • I Love You, And I Still Do(hanahaki)
    2.5K 151 5

    A world where hanahaki disease exists...and unrequited love kills. She developed another type of feeling for her childhood best friend...and it's slowly killing her. "I love you, and I still do." Please enjoy ~ (A/N: A short hanahaki story. You can replace it with your name when you're reading it, if you want it as 'x...

  • My Brother Is The Tyrant Emperor (Complete)
    748K 34.3K 57

    She was an actress killed by a fan... Waking up into a novel she read and her brother is the male lead, the tyrant emperor... Luna Vanessa De Alphaesial, the only princess of this empire, it all sounded wonderful... But fated to die at 16? Will she gain her brother's love and survive or will fate continue to mess with...

  • What A Cliché....Reincarnated Into The Villainess (Complete)
    418K 13.1K 43

    Angelica Emilia Diamonda...the name of the villainess in that stupid otome game in which the heroine giggles like a drug addict. I guess it's just my luck but to think I would be reincarnated into this horrible game just ticks me off! I can't kill the drug addict...and all the routes leads to death...but will I fina...

  • The Demon Queen's Second Life? (hiatus)
    5.5K 339 14

    Celestria Hesperia was a former goddess, she was a demon queen killed by her very own brother. Waking up in a foreign room and a body that's not hers, with her new identity, she hoped to live a peaceful life. She never thought that she would have a disciple. People though that her heart was made of stone, she's cold a...