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  • Portrait
    93.4K 5.6K 36

    Both Chris and Brielle have moved on to different things in life. Whether it be relationships, or their lifestyles in general. But, you know they say that with age comes wisdom, or maybe enough time apart just made Chris and Brielle resilient. The two haven't physically seen each other in over three years. Is the lov...

  • Canvas
    182K 11.5K 45

    Brielle washington, an 18 year old high school senior, suffers guilt and depression after she mistakenly kills her best friend in a car accident. Suicide is something that constantly wavers through her mind. But what happens when she meets Christopher Givens, a college student studying psychology, who would be takin...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Pool Party
    565K 5.6K 18

    A young woman (Kera) and her child's father (Jerod) go through hell and back with one another over secrets and lies with friends and their secrets as well before attending a pool party.

  • The Pool Party (Part 2)
    49.9K 466 14

    This is the sequel to The Pool Party. Part Two follows Nikera, Ladonte, Shayla, and the rest of the gang's lives 2 years later. Nikera and her friends must face difficult situations, new enemies, and new adventures with their new found loves and lifestyles. I hope you guys enjoy! Now let The Pool Party begin.