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  • 𝔖𝔢𝔠𝔬𝔫𝔡 ℭ𝔥𝔞𝔫𝔠𝔢 (18+ ℭ𝔬𝔪𝔭𝔩𝔢𝔱𝔢)
    276K 11.5K 44

    Harry's hand glided my way. As it did, he twitched his fingers, turning them blue - like they were minutes before. My heart missed a beat as they drifted closer and flickered to green. A vibrational cold submerged under my skin the instant he placed his hand on me. I arched my back as his digits drifted down my chest...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha's Mate
    3.1M 73.1K 42


  • Dancing with the King (Book 1 of The Vampire Waltz Collection)
    68.1K 1.6K 33

    DANCING WITH THE KING, Love Damian BOOK 1 of The Vampire Waltz Collection: 4 books in total. "Damian why do I feel bored out or sad when you're not around? " I softly asked. He chuckled and took a sip from his tea, leaning his smooth muscular back at his chair. His clothes fitted him so well, in a distant you'll think...

    Completed   Mature
  • The White Wolf
    18 8 7

    The white was was there from the beginning. I didn't want him at first, but now, I realize how much I need him, how much I love him. I look over to him. His dark brown hair was all over the place, his chocolate brown eyes where focused on the moon above us. "I love you." I whispered. "And I don't want to lose you..." ...

  • City Wolf
    72.1K 2.1K 20

    "You can run but you can't hide." --- Amber Reed's mother was murdered right in front of her when she was just 16. Her father blamed her for it, and beat her until she was black and blue for years. After Amber had enough, she takes off and starts over, leaving her werewolf side of her behind. After several years of l...

  • Mine (Onhold)
    5.1K 179 26

    Onhold why do you hate me so much? I don't baby girl. I just don't like the fact that the moon goddess made a weak human my mate. when two worlds collide neither break evenly. but how will the balance prevent the chaos. Who will be willing to let every thing go. #mature sexual scenes # adult # abusive

    25K 438 38

    YOU ARE A MONSTER. Darling I am always a monster and I am not going to change not even for my mate. Hanna roselane smith the daughter of the strongest alpha.Hanna is a human because of her mother is too.she has two brothers.she is kind,care for others,hate bullies and know how to fight. Alex Grayson knight the alpha k...

  • The Change
    30.3K 616 13

    "My little flower, you should have known better than to come into my land," he said with a menacing look in his eyes as he shifted mid air, digging his claws into my back. Calla always thought she was alone in the world after her first shift, but what happens when she moves to a new town, realizing she's not as alone...

  • Hear me Roar, Alpha
    54.6K 1.9K 29

    "It's a fight between cat and dog" A war is coming, the battle has yet to start, and the leader is driven by vengeance. In a world filled with creatures of the moon there is bound to be conflict between the two as everyone knows the tale. Cat and dog doesn't get along, they're mortal enemies but when fate brings two...

  • Hunter's Soulmate
    31 3 6

    Ivory is part of a vampire hunter family that lost her parents. Gregory is a young vampire that has found his soulmate. This is the story of Ivory and Gregory's journey to love. They learn some hard truths and family secrets. Can they eventually learn to overcome the pain of these truths and secretes?

  • Different Mates
    41 7 6

    There are two creatures that are as different as they can be. One is the son of Morrigan and one the daughter of Ares. One is a vampire and the other is a Alpha werewolf. They were brought together to make the two worlds peaceful with each other.

  • The Alpha Kings Mate
    184K 4.4K 55

    A King needs his Queen, to rule by his side. To see the beauty in every little things.. Its all Alexander ever wanted. To feel the bond of a Mate.. To feel how to be cared.. Mates now a days are hard to find especially "True Mates". He have to find her mate as soon as possible for his wolf is growing restless and imp...

  • BloodBorne
    154 27 7

    August , 18 Journal entry #1 It's been one month since the virus spread. Exactly one month for the world to go to hell. It started in Wyoming and spread in all directions until the whole of the USA was destroyed. Canada managed to put up borders in time that as far as I know still stand. Mexico was safe as well than...

  • The Lost Princess
    616 15 13

    Bella Santiago thought she was just a regular girl like everyone else that she knew. But boy, was she wrong. On Bella's eighth birthday she got kidnap when everyone wasn't paying attention. She is one of the strongest creatures or should I say werewolf that ever lived. She got taken away from her parents, older brothe...

  • Wrath of the Moon (Sample)
    55.2K 611 10

    As a werewolf, loving your mate and being loved by them is a given. So what happens when your mate hates you? Maya - a carefree, loving and beautiful daughter of the Alpha. Xander- a young, dashing and powerful wolf. This is their story.. Total words: 33,391 Status: Sample Volume: 1 Note: The rest of the chapters are...

  • My Mates An Alpha
    441 11 10

    Two werewolves. One female. One male. Mates. What could possibly go wrong.

  • DEIMOS (Alpha of Alphas)✔️
    2.5M 93.3K 76

    ⚠️MATURE READERS ONLY⚠️ DARK ROMANCE ⚠️ "What shall I do now that I have seized my prey?" He questions me, voice sonorous and husky whilst he inhales sharply nose buried into the flesh of my neck savouring the scent of his female. Canines descend eager to sink, unhesitant for a bite. "Should I devour it?" He whispers...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bloodlines
    285 10 8

    Shiloh village may as well of been considered No Man's Land when it came to the people of society. It was hidden deep within the thick trees of the Northern Peninsula, curious hikers deciding to turn back home long before they ever came close to the area. It was best that way, considering that they were protected by a...

  • The Unbelievable Alpha
    972 80 7

    Venus Leanna Smith is an Omega _______ Greyson Lee Charter is an Alpha _______ The whole side of my pack has been cleaning and making our trailer park look presentable. Rumor has it that the young Alpha is coming here, and nobody knows why. He might just be checking our grounds for rogues. We've been told that his wol...

  • True Alpha's Daughter
    6.6K 169 49

    Allison daughter of Scott McCall and Kira Yukimura. Junior year in high school. The same Beacon Hills. She is the straight A of the school and talented pianist. She tries to keep a low profile since her father strictly told her to be. And she knows why. Thats why she obeys him. She knows she is a werewolf and has been...

  • Crimson, Clover & Honey
    1.2K 112 42

    Completed Book "His presence, his face, it gives you a calm invitation. You build trust for him he did not earn. Then with one touch, one scorching touch, he can have you melting in his grip. Even tantilizing your dead boyfriend, swinging him in front of your face, you still wanted him." Samuel says this as fact, it...

  • The Life of a Heart
    146 37 2

    The story begins... She was my everything... Now she is just something...

  • Blood Bound
    505 47 25

    It's 4510. Human were forced to share everything they have with vampires--nightwalkers. Things used to be peaceful, but not now, things were messed up and drove human to come up with the terms dead slayer to protect themselves. That was the start line, where dead slayer and pure bloods hunt each other, in the way no o...

  • Thawing the King's Heart (On Hold)
    69 22 4

    Witches, Knights, Kings, Queens, Power. The King of Azalone, Lyon Dracule has dethroned the former ruler of Azalone for his loathsome ways of ruling and has risen the kingdom to great heights. He has a cavalry of twelve men and despite having only a dozen of men as his front he's indestructible. Many kings have tried...

  • Clearwater
    4.9K 304 22

    There's been a war that had been going on between supernatural beings, the vampires and werewolves since they were created. Constantly fighting and constant death. No one has hope that the war would end until there is a prophecy that a girl would be born and be born to lead all supernatural beings and her mate will be...

  • The Lycan King
    507K 12.4K 37

    The Lycan Series Book #1 Charlotte Ashley Cane goes by Charlie for short is 18 years old and is an omega at the Blue Lake pack which happens to be the fourth largest pack in the world. She has given up hope for finding a mate because of her rank Alpha King Tyler Jedidiah Stone, 20 years old and has recently gone to a...

    Completed   Mature
  • The 'Slut' Pack
    206K 7.4K 47

    ------Alexandria Rene Summers----- Rejected, by none other than Alpha Kyle Rivera. Alpha of THEE #1 worldwide most powerful pack. She was the top warrior. Yep, as said...was. He found her, had sex with her, and then in front of the WHOLE pack rejected her and banned her... For no reason. No one wants to mess with the...

  • The Devil's Daughter
    287K 12.3K 38

    Betrayal follows her, the Angels are against her, and the Devil is on her tail. As Lucifer's Daughter Abbegael must hide her identity from both Heaven and Hell if she is to survive. All she wants is to return home but when Lucifer's plan starts to take shape she realises she is the key to destroying Heaven and she may...

  • Anita
    722 45 22

    After 6 years of torture and her twin brother watching helplessly from a cage, Anita finally brakes them free. The only problem, she has become mentally unstable. After a year of being joined in the Lunar Moon pack, everyone has gotten used to the new rules that came with the new comers. No one is allowed in the attic...

  • Bambi
    2K 123 36

    I would like to thank badlants6 for the amazing cover Quote: "DENY ME AS YOU WANT, BUT BY THE END YOU'RE MINE" He groaned in annoyance, "Why can't you just find a second mate? It's possible that you have one!" I glared at him, hurt by his words, "Yeah, possible for you, perhaps." He scowled at me...