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  • Insane
    145K 4.3K 21

    And you thought 'Crazy' was weird...Welcome to Insane IM BAD AF AT DESCRIPTIONS! Description~ Amber Willams is known as the new crazy bitch at Northbridge High School. (Who also talks to animals) Ace Zanders is known as the bad boy of the school. Cliché? I know. (Who also kills for a living) They both hide secrets...

  • Kidnapped In My Unicorn Onesie (Under editing)
    715K 31.8K 43

    "Chilling in my comfy onesie! Chilling, chilling, chilling in my unicorn onesie!" I sang while doing a little dance. Then I heard laughing behind me. "Who goes there?" I said spinning around and doing a ninja pose. Oh my lord! Nosebleed! I am looking at two (hot) guys right now. One was laughing and one was glaring...

  • Living With A Thug
    65.4K 1.2K 13

    Hood Love ❤

  • Queen of the north
    73.8K 2.4K 20

    Imani parents tragic death led her and her brother to survive out in the streets on there own. Tank was introduced too the fast money and later he introduced it too his sister Imani. Imani is known for being the top drug lords in Saint Louis until tayy boa from Chicago had a different thought of things.

    151K 4.9K 18

    Princess is an independent woman and doesn't go for any bullshit. She also isn't like any other female on her block, she is smart, ambitious, a college student. She also does hair on the side for them coins. Brim is one of the most deadliest drug dealers. All the niggas envy him and all the hoes want a piece of him. T...

    Completed   Mature
  • They Call Me lil Ghetto
    378K 10.2K 94

    From having a brother that barley gives a fuck about you. To mama loving dope more then she loves her kids. A daddy that wish we ain't have the same blood running through our veins. I did what I know best and that's run and never looked back .

  • Saving Him
    1.3M 64.7K 34

    Kaya Zula is a twenty-three year old doctor. One night out at the club with her best friend changes her whole life. UrbanTai™ Copyright© All Rights Reserved®

    Completed   Mature
  • That Thug Of Mine {Trilogy}
    78.9K 2.5K 27

    ~Third book of the series~ Instead Of Keith And Armani , Its Kaiden Well Excuse That "Prince" That's Right Kaiden Took Control Of Keith's Empire While Olivia Is A Dancer In Dancing Demons Who Cares About Grades But She Is The Most Realest Girl In Highschool What Happens When NEW Drug Lords Come To Business , Who Will...

  • That Thug Of Mine {Sequel}
    292K 8.7K 61

    ~Second book of the series~ After Armani And Keith Got Married They Did Not Know That It Was Only The BEGINNING Of Their Problems . Will They Have Enough Strength To Cope With Their Differences? Or Will That "I Do" Turn Into An "I Don't" ? Read To Find Out . ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Any unauthorized reprint or use of the m...

  • That Thug of Mine
    470K 14.5K 54

    Armani is an 18 year old girl dancer and she knows the well known drug dealer Kendrick And She Now Knows Keith who is a Drug Lord .. Who Will She Choose? Love or Hatred? Because at the end of the day...he's that thug of mine... [Completed] ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Any unauthorized reprint or use of the material is prohibi...

  • Thug Baby
    29.1K 514 3

    A'kayla and Eric been dateing for 5years and they have there ups and downs and still going strong but Eric's a thug and he smokes weed and A'kayla is a bad ads bitch who haves to hold Eric ans her self down would she keep holding him down or would she jus give up read and see what she does

  • Can I have love for a thug ? ( A Thug Love Story)
    42.8K 1K 6

    Can Alexis have feelings for a Thug named Daniel and fall in love ?

  • T R U T H
    2.4M 71.5K 53

    Cover by @_itskd Cassidy is a 20 year old girl who grew up without the love of a mother or a father, she never really learned how to love someone because she didn't grow up with that image of what love looked like and that affected her relationships more than anything she didn't know how to communicate or show her emo...

  • My Thug Addiction .
    269K 6.7K 27

    'love is like a drug, & I'm addicted.' ad•dict•ed : physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance, and unable to stop taking it without incurring adverse effects.

  • Cuffin' Season | Urban Contest | #UrbanOctober
    11.7K 526 1

    Finding herself in a whirlwind of emotions during this years cuffin' season, Alora has been craving for that for feeling of love more than ever and craving it from the last person she ever expected. ----------------------- #UrbanOctober - Contest Entry #Cuffin' Season

    Completed   Mature
  • Thug Love ( Book 2 ) ~ YBN Nahmir
    68.2K 1.5K 22

    If you haven't read book 1 , Don't red this .. In order for you to get this book you GOTTA read book 1 . But enjoy Baby 🌹🖤 .

    Completed   Mature
  • Thug Love ~ YBN Nahmir
    182K 3.7K 21

    Just Read it Baby .

  • Having His Baby
    23.1K 1K 21

    Don't read this if you haven't read "My....Stalker?"

    Completed   Mature
  • The Boys Next Door | Ayo & Teo
    36.5K 1K 20

    This story contains Sex, School, Cheating, fighting, and more.

  • My.....Stalker?
    51.1K 2.2K 24

    This story is about a girl named Lani and her Stalker Ayleo Bowles other characters will be added during the story

    Completed   Mature
  • More than bestfriends
    128K 2.8K 22

    A girl named maurliyah anderson is a teenager who jus turned 17 years old and senior in a high school and her dad is a drug lord her mom is a drug addict and shes the only child before her mom was an addict liyah had a boy bestfriend named james lewis hes a year older than her but also a senior in high school but he m...

  • Shmateo: Good On My Tip Toes (COMPLETE)
    36.5K 1.1K 21

    Read to find out 😁 Shmateo story. It gets better promise

  • In This Together
    8.5K 332 17

    "August I love you" He looked me in my eyes, they held a look I've never witnessed before in my life. "I love you more than I can explain and that was cheesy but it's the truth ma, I love you and don't you ever forget that" he replied looking me in my eyes.

  • In Love With You
    3K 129 12

    Deyanna is twenty-four years young, she just graduated college with a physiological degree and is happily married to her long-term boyfriend Malachi. Malachi is a solid thirty and is a manager as a mechanic owned by his Uncle Willis. Malachi has been living a life of duplicity but every thing will soon come to the l...

  • Holding The Throne : Sequel
    39.6K 1.4K 21

    Getting help was the best thing I've could've ever done. King,Jordan & I, are now a so called "family" once King helped me like he said he would I've been doing better then ever.. I know things won't stay perfect for long but that's all I can hope for, for now. Zy'keiyah has a strong mind now. She's doing her abso...

  • A Thugs Wife
    23K 591 8

    I've been on my own ever since I was 12 . No one knows my hustle, or what I did just to make it to the average people. Sometimes, I cry myself to sleep. Wondering how my family is . They're all alright I bet. But I'm Independent and I don't need, love,affection or a family. I'm perfectly fine .

  • The Game
    537 16 4

    Just read, major attempt. Something new, something different. :) read if you desire.

  • A Thug's Revenge
    250K 5.7K 31

    [Recommended for 14+ STRONG LANGUAGE AND SEXUAL PARTS] Kim is that girl that every bad girl wanna chill with and the girl every nigga wanna be with.But she only got her eyes on one person and thats her high school love, Jarell. Even tho some people think Kim livin a picture perfect life she aint.Her life full of DRAMA...

  • Crossing the Love Line
    909 51 3

    Book 2. Sequel to Crossing the Thug Line.

    291K 8.5K 66