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  • 🌸 || hope's peak times tryouts
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    here's the form/s you need to complete if you'd like a chance at joining! please read full book. thank you! [suggested to add to library so you get notified when chosen people are announced]

  • Meraki ✧ A Cover Shop ✓ [CLOSED]
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    ✔️CLOSED✔️ [Due to limited amount of chapters, but feel free to look through it! Find the second graphic shop on my profile!] Building inspiration for each book one cover request at a time ✿ Meraki {verb.} Greek • [may-rah-kee] to do something with soul, creativity, or love ; to put something of yourself into your wor...

  • Aeipathy ✧ A Premades Shop And GD [OPEN]
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    "Razzle dazzle-" ♡ Premades done by a girl who's creativity is displayed through her premade graphics~as well as the ones in her dump ♡ ➸ Feel free to browse covers and choose off the shelves! ➸ If the premade you wanted is already claimed and/or you can't find another one fit for your needs, then you're free to requ...

  • Illicit ✧ Contest Entries
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    Sticks and stones can break my bones, but my mind will fucking kill me ♔ ➸ Moved things here so that the graphic shop doesn't get too crowded ➸ Don't steal, copy, repost, or edit my work ➸ Enjoy!

  • Divine ✧ Cover Shop 2 ✓ [CLOSED]
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    [ ] OPEN [★] CLOSED FOR CATCH-UP [ ] CLOSED Because every good story needs a good first impression ♥︎ ✧ I make all kinds of GRAPHICS ( and simple covers ), BANNERS, HEADERS, and ICONS here for any type of book and person! ✧ ➸ ! I accept all genres ! ➸ The instructions are inside so listen to them if you want a c...

  • brown eyes | A Rant Book
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    Self Explanatory/// ⚠️JuSt A wArNiNg BeFoRe YoU rEaD⚠️ There will be: •Tea •Saltiness and toxicity •Unreasonable whining •(A LOT OF) Swear words •Occasional boring stuff •Crappy jokes •Cheap poems •Tags Enjoy fam-