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  • Ceaseless Chains {BTY #3}
    288K 14.6K 21

    Book #3 (Bound To You series) [New Adult 17+] "Go on. Put a strong front, baby," he whispered. "Make no mistakes, though. Behind closed doors? I'll fuck the cockiness out of you." * * * Teagan Manning has a secrets and a...

  • Endless Bonds {BTY #2} ✔
    1.7M 67.3K 51

    Book #2 (Bound To You series) [New Adult} A story in which Trent Reynolds finally finds sanctuary in the girl that's always been his everything. "I wasn't perfect by any standards. I was rude. A brooding bastard. Sometimes impulsive. But she was the only one who'd ever seen past my bullshit. I was perfec...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Dark Knight
    16.3M 446K 59

    In the era where swords rule, where women consider their modesty their greatest virtue. Where a man would kill to find his wife warming another mans bed, a time when women would consider it the greatest of adultery or fornication to warm a bed other than her husbands. A time when an honorable man guards his gaze, for...

  • Reckless in Love
    9.5M 453K 34

    Kara Hawthorne refuses to fall in love until the brooding Cameron crashes into her life. He burns for her like no other. But the past doesn't forget and the biggest sacrifice of his life awaits. ***** Spitfire Kara Hawthorne is a hardworking twenty...

  • Try Me
    2M 90.5K 111

    Kira and Jason weren't looking for love, but they decided to give it a try. (18+)

    Completed   Mature
  • Afterglow (BWWM)
    702K 32.5K 29

    "I've come to discuss your side of the deal we made earlier." He sat on the bench, his towel wrapped tightly around his waist. "Okay, what you got for me?" Here goes. If I didn't get it out now, I never will. "I want you to teach me how to be sexy." Allison (Ally) is tired of being overlooked by the opposite sex. E...

  • Unapologetically Me
    2.1M 28K 16

    Fatima Ward is a pre-med senior at Hampton University. Becoming a pediatric doctor is her parent's dream for her, but secretly Fatima wants to be a Fiction Writer. She finds herself fulfilling this secret passion by writing fanfics on the extremely popular online writing website, WriteNow. To keep her identity private...

  • Between the Two of Us
    247 32 8

    Rae Nazari's world shattered the day her best friend Kiersten Marks died. The image of her falling off the balcony of their apartment broke something within her. The police had ruled it a suicide, but Rae knew better. Unable to accept her best friend's death as a mere suicide, Rae sets out to bring down the p...

  • Midnight Silpper
    446 59 17

    Adrienne: There was only so much a human being could take before they snapped and I was at my limit. I wanted to lead a normal life, free from the grasp of the darkness that consumed me, but someone else had other ideas. As much as it thought to wreck me, it didn't count on the anger I had stored away. I would use...

  • The Desert Falcon
    21.6K 700 29

    Born under the sun of the Persian Empire in the Kingdom of Maghreb, Zeynab, a young, headstrong, intelligent woman desperately seeks treatment for her father's ailment. With little resources and choice, Zeynab defies convention and seeks an audience with the royal physician of the sultan, Rashid Al-Hamid, a man known...

  • Bittersweet
    8.4M 298K 51

    -TO BE TAKEN DOWN- Katy Thomas is best known for her booming bakery shop, Katy Cakes, that has desserts as sweet as she. Her new neighbor, Gage Rivers, is best known for being bitter and closed off from others. The only thing they really have in common is their passion to escape from their pasts. When one day they fi...

  • Second Chances
    46.5K 1.4K 32

    Imagine if you were given a second chance in life.. but in a different body, different life. DISCLAIMER: Guys this isn't my book. I read it a couple of years ago on Wattpad just like many of you guys. I tried to find the book once again but it had been taken down. I later found out that they had plagiarized the book a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Yours To Keep [Completed]
    1.8M 56.6K 25

    River Williams , the Quarterback of Haldenbridge University has everything his heart desires. He's the lone and spoiled heir to William empire, raised by incredible parents, surrounded by caring friends and is in relationship with the girl of his dreams, Lynn. Preparing to surprise his girlfriend, what happens when he...

    Completed   Mature
  • War Prize: A Dark Historical Romance
    7.1K 217 7

    The moment they crossed the sea and landed on our beach, I knew it was trouble. With the Gods taking sides-and my cousin taking the Greek King's bride- war was imminent. I expected them. I was prepared for them. But I wasn't for him. I was his war prize. His captive. He calls me his little bird, and I guess I am becau...

  • Dralan [On Hold]
    4.1M 153K 56

    In a world where vampires feed from other vampires and males dominate females... there is but one precious thing left in their world which every vampire craves... A Mihr. Dohmenic is the Dralan - the King - of all vampires, and survives purely on clean blood; The blood of a Mihr, a virgin. Without a Dralaq, a Queen...

  • Everything We Ever Wanted [Everything #1]
    6.8M 172K 50

    REVAMPED version of the ORIGINAL Living With The Bad Boy posted on wattpad in 2012. "Sometimes when you least expect it, you're faced with the one person who could finally change everything for you. Make everything right after so long. All you got to do is take a chance. My brain was against the risk. But my hear...

  • Tame the Beast
    42K 1.4K 32

    Clarabelle Wright doesn't believe in someone else creating her happily ever after. In fact, she has spent her entire life ensuring a future for herself. When the family finances fall further in debt, her big college dreams are put on hold. Beaumont University has one thing to offer, a full ride, and Clara has no other...

  • Gladiator of Rome (#1 in Gladiator Series)
    1.8M 67.6K 38

    Rome's hunger for gladiatorial combat has never been greater. The passion for novelty in the arena has given rise to a range of warriors but none quite like Krista; sole survivor of her family's brutal murder, Krista is now the property of Commander Niclaus and is sent to train and fight in the arena for his pleasu...

    Completed   Mature
  • Viking Tribute
    7.1M 275K 56

    At sixteen, Sunngifu is more of a spoiled child than a dignified thane's daughter. She is destined to a life of wealth and power. Until her father fails to pay the Viking's tribute...

  • Chasing Red
    260M 3.9M 70

    Basketball star Caleb Lockhart had it all - until a chance encounter with a mysterious woman in red changed everything. For the first time in his life, Caleb wanted something; something he could never have. ***** Chasing Red is a published book! As...

  • War Prize (A Roman Britain story)
    5.1M 192K 31

    Aurelia, a Noble Roman woman, had heard of the savage British tribes, their mystic Celtic ways, and the battles the Roman army was fighting against them on their shores. The battles her soon-to-be Husband, Quintus Acquilla, was fighting in the name of the Eagle. But she could not have predicted that, when she crossed...

  • The Highlander's Touch
    8.2M 280K 48

    *Want a paperback copy? Go here: (The link is also on my profile)* Terrified of being sent off to marry a man who would only control her, Saeran Sinclair disguises her identity by posing as a male. Instead of being the renowned beauty that she really is, she must help her siste...

    Completed   Mature
    1.4M 31.8K 44

    "I want my very own castle; I want tons of servants and men throwing themselves at my feet. I want to be pampered and rich. I want my own bloody fairy tale!" Unfortunately even wishes never went smoothly for Sarah. Instead of getting her happily ever after Sarah was unceremoniously dumped into a world that was both...

  • The Viking's Hold (First 11 chapters)
    9.5M 106K 66

    This book is now available on Amazon and unfortunately they won't allow me to put it up elsewhere for free, not even the unedited draft. Sorry! The Vikings! Aelswyn had heard about them, all the tales of their barbaric behaviour, the rapes and pillages, the massacres, the burnt villages. But she never thought they wou...

  • Prince of Knights (An Arabic Love Story)✓
    2.5M 162K 67

    Winner of the 'Readers Choice Award' in Historical Fiction. Winner of the 'Readers Choice Award' in Spiritual Category. Winner of Best Muslim Readers' Choice Awards: Prince of Knights _____________ Arabs are well known for their culture, Poetry, and hospitality. They are also known for their bravery and leade...

  • PREVIEW ONLY: HTWF (Falling Warriors Book One) **Being Published**
    853K 11.3K 46

    ****THIS BOOK IS BEING PUBLISHED on JULY 18TH. As such, this book is only 3 pages as a preview. You can buy the published version with the links below.**** Links for preorders: Amazon: Barens&Noble: iTunes: SYNOPSIS: Xaviers eyes flashed furiousl...