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  • Moving on
    423K 10.2K 31

    What if you just got home and you find your husband cheating on you with your best friend in your bed .that was the case for Laura. Laura is an interior designer who was trying to move on from her husband's betrayal, will she be able to give her heart another chance to fall in love when she meet her new client Colton...

  • The Stranger Of My Life (Completed)
    4.8K 294 33

    it's story about a girl named Mithali. A handsome guy is stalking her. why? read it. High ranked #41- Friends

  • What he left behind!
    114K 6.8K 31

    Its a sequel to "JUST YOUR WIFE" But can be read as standalone. "Is it necessary,!?" I asked him.. He smiled down at me.. "I want to give you the world Ruhi.. I want to prove that I can take care of your every need!!" he told me with determination.. "Ok!" I said, he kissed my forehead. I looked at him with longing. S...

  • The Billionaires Ex-Wife(On hold)
    103K 2.8K 9

    Jenna bit her lip slightly ."I'm pregnant."Her blue green eyes were sparkling as she spoke." Damon's face dropped at the news."Please tell me you didn't?"He asked his voice slightly breaking. Jenna looked at him confusion evident in her features."Do what baby?" "Cheat on me,"He yelled."You filthy gold digging whore."...

  • FORGOTTEN LOVE (wattys 2019)
    612K 14.6K 27

    Big thanks to my sister @IsaRids for making my book's cover I warn you, this is not fully edited... (: Isn't it true that we all make mistakes? That is what makes us human. As it turns out, billionaire Ryan Williams too made the biggest mistake of his life when he accused his wife Meghan of cheating on him while she...

  • I Love Only You.✔️
    16K 1.1K 48

    "Don't touch me,"she said swatting my hand away from her I pushed myself more to her because I don't know why her fragrance always pulls me towards her. Damn Abhi snap out. "What the hell are you doing here?,"I asked furiously glaring at her. "That's none of your business and stay away from me. I Knew you are marrie...

  • Claiming her Back
    124K 2.5K 12

    I'm excited to tell him that I'm pregnant, I'm waiting for him since three hours ,soon I herd his car sound. He came into the bedroom. When I looked at him my breath hitched, He was looking like a mess, his tie was loosen, his knuckles were bleeding. "O my god Xavier what happened, god your knuckles are bleeding "...

  • My Heartless Ex- Husband (Completed)
    187K 8.1K 56

    Kavya is a twenty seven years old divorce mother who has a five years old son. she is suffering from financial problems and her ex husband is turned into her new boss. high ranked #56 fightforsurvival

  • The billionaire ex-wife.
    47.9K 696 12

    Hi guys here is my new story I hope you will like it. Please do vote and let me know what do you think about this Story. Prologue Please Yash believe me I didn't cheat on you. I will never cheat on you I swear Yash. Believe me Aarti cried hugging Yash's legs and Arpita scoffed. Please tell me you don't believe that cr...

  • Divorced and Pregnant
    66.7K 998 9

    ( Discontinued ):( Hi my name is Scarlet I was the ex-wife of the famous Alex Hunt THE CEO of one of the biggest companies and we were happy until he accused me of cheating on him while he was cheating on me, and do you know how he got that idea in his brain is his slut of an assistant and his enemy but he was to blin...

  • Fight for me (Completed)
    863K 24.5K 35

    Amy Green knew she was too good for Ethan Harris. She knew falling in love with a hot millionaire like him was stupid. She knew Ethan falling for her was crazy. She knew marrying him was insane. Yet she shut her brain and followed her heart until he realized she was not enough. It's been three years since she stopped...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Girl He Left Wondering.
    711K 13.7K 29

    (Previously titled: Maybe It Wasn't Love After all) Luna Jackson had a great marriage. Key word Had. Her marriage officially started falling apart after she found her husband pleasuring a women, in the same bed they slept together in. Years later- he still doesn't know, that she is fully aware of the affair he is hav...

  • His Unknown Wife
    801K 28.4K 62

    What would you do if you were asked to pay back for all the obligation that someone has done to you.??? Aren't we all are bound to pay back for all the favours we have received, in some or the other way... This is a story of Serah, who had an awesome life untill someone related to her committed a mistake and she ended...

  • His Wife
    788K 17.9K 38

    Maria Vasilievna is the wife of one of the richest men in the world, Alexander Vasiliev. As the wife of a wealthy man, she must abide by certain standards and obey her husband, always supporting him and taking care of him. In turn, her husband treats her with respect and honor. But Maria never feels as if her husband...

  • Revenge to Regret
    381K 13.8K 32

    "Decision is all yours" said shlok with a smirk on his face. "pls shlok why are u doing this to me" came reply from naina. "I guess you know the answer better than me so, don't u dare to question me again Mrs Naina shlok agnihotri. i guess now you got your answers so, just get out of my cabin". naina turned to go awa...

  • Billionaire's Lost Time
    80.2K 2.2K 55

    He is back. After seven long years apart, Alexander Wilson comes back into Mia Davis's life. Furthermore, this time around Alexander plans on never letting Mia go. After all, he is only making up for lost time. Alexander Wilson and Mia Davis were high school sweethearts. Moreover, every person who saw Alexander and M...

  • Mine Forever
    303K 11.1K 42

    Anjali anand a 21 years medical student ,her beauty is out of the world and she is too innocent for this cruel world. One day she founds a man in death bed And then she becomes his angel , she saves him not knowing that she is saving the devil himself ... Arjun Oberoi 27 years old ruthless mafia leader. He is know t...

  • My Ex-Husband [Hiatus]
    67.4K 1.5K 8

    Isabella McKenzie, well was McKenzie, but now that she is divorced she went back to being called Isabella Matthews. She was light-hearted, friendly woman with a kind personality. She had everything, she had found love, that was her everything. She loved him so, much but at the end, everything just went downhill. Zande...

  • Back Into Your Arms
    363K 8.9K 51

    [COMPLETED] #Ranks : #14 on 30/11/18 (category : Ex) #17 on 29/6/19 ( category : adultromance) #57 on 29/6/19 ( category: Suspense) Excerpt : "I can't believe they chose you!", I said. "Oh, so you think I knew about all this? Marrying you was the last thought in my mind ", he spoke coldly. "Look, if we are marryin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Why Did You?
    158K 7.4K 23

    "Come back to me. I can't live without you," he said looking into her eyes. "At that time you didn't care, now I don't," she replied. Taking a deep sigh, he spoke, "I love you, Meera. Punish me all you want but don't leave me alone." "I don't love you. In fact the only feeling I have for you is hatred," said Meera. Sh...

  • Stalking Charlie
    30.3K 1.2K 52

    "Rocky.." Finally. Finally I know how it feels like to kiss Charlie Raven. My whole body sighed with pleasure as my lips molded with hers, my brain buzzing in triumph. I ignored all the thoughts racing inside my head. I forgot about all the possible implications of what I was doing. Her lips are driving me crazy, and...

  • You are reason of my existence
    153K 4.7K 32

    "She will be mine and only mine. She is the sole reason I exist. Without her I am just dust. With her I am the king of Universe. No matter how much she denies I am going to have her"

  • This Christmas {COMPLETED}
    98.9K 5.1K 24

    After 5 years of being away, Beyoncé finally return to her hometown of Houston, TX. There she will once again be joined with her family, making new memories, and rekindling old flames. Read for more!

  • Love Drought {COMPLETED}
    76.5K 3.9K 22

    Beyoncé's womanly instincts tells her that her husband is cheating, but she's afraid to figure out the truth. What is her husband doing when she's not around?

  • Alone And Pregnant
    192K 7.1K 77

    Aria Carter was another victim of teen pregnancy. When she told the child's father, Scott Johnson about her pregnancy he left her alone. Her parents kicked her out and she had to drop out off school. She struggled a lot at first but it started lessening. Somewhere in it all she found her love Brandon Johnson. Then at...

  • my cheating husband
    52.9K 965 10

    read to find out

    45K 728 5

    This is a one shot story. that's all thank you. HER SIDE.

  • Revenge on the Billionaire
    116K 2.7K 6

    Shannon Adams the ex-wife of the Billionaire, Bryan Myers. She is an intelligent 24 year old, who wants sweet revenge. Bryan Myers, the ex-husband of Shannon Adams. He is the typical 28 year old player, who dates models and celebrities and them throws them out like trash. But what happens when the love of his life c...

  • Cheater
    169K 1.9K 8

    I went out to the mall, just for some alone time. When I saw him, holding hands with her. He turned to her, and planted a kiss on her lips. I stood in horror as he glanced at me, immediately regretting his actions. He stepped towards me, but I ran. I ran as fast as I could. Away, from the dreamy boy I once saw.

  • Cheating Husband
    840K 15.2K 33

    Caleb and Sophia just recently got married... And they both really love each other. But all of a sudden things start to go downhill. Caleb is the owner of the biggest CEO company in New York and is happily married to the love of his life. Sophia is a professional photographer and is happily married to her husband. ...