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  • Ruby Likes Earth (MReaderXRWBY)
    1.3K 18 4

    Immediately after the events of the end of Salem's Wrath on dimension A-00. Wattpad (Y/N) and Wattpad Ruby return to (Y/N)'s home dimension where (Y/N) introduces his new girlfriend to Earth. How will Ruby react? I do not own any part of the show RWBY. It is property of Roosterteeth.

  • Adventures of The Multiverse Protection Force (MReaderxMPF)
    950 17 4

    This book is full of one off stories of the Multiverse Protection Forced that formed in the book Multiverse Protection Force: Origins. The team is made up of (Y/N) (L/N), Hatsune Miku (Vocaloid), Gwen Poole (Marvel Comics), Monika (DDLC), and Ruby Rose (RWBY). This book comes after the Salem's Earth book. I do not own...

  • Salem's Earth (Part 2 of RWBY X MReader and Multiverse Protection Force Origins)
    4K 50 13

    This is the sequal to both Brodster36's RWBY X MReader and Twin (Y/N)'s Multiverse Protection Force Origins. Please read both of those otherwise this will not make sense. The characters that combined many Wattpad RWBY stories have finally met the Multiverse Protection Force. Together, they will try to save the real wo...

  • RWBYxMReader (Involves existing readerxrwby stories)
    31.9K 465 22

    You love the web show RWBY ever since it was first created, you've always wanted to literally be in the show and meet Ruby, Wiess, Blake and Yang. You eventually find a way, but apparently you've already been there. I don't own the original RWBYxReader stories that I've included in this story, they belong to their...

  • Multiverse Protection Force Origins ((Y/N)xMonikaxRubyxMikuxGwenxAyano)
    40.3K 491 15

    You're a normal kid, but suddenly, your hit with a traumatising event and are now destined to save the entire multiverse with a few friends you may very well recognise.