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  • Fighter of the Other World ( Male Reader x Anime Multiverse)
    6.7K 244 14

    Y/n, a average guy who had a normal job and also trains Martial Arts at weekend and every free time... One night when he goes to sleep, he dies into a suffocation due to the apartment which is burning which he didn't aware and died in a process... He was given a chance to change himself to transport him to a new worl...

  • OP Reincarnated into taimanian asagi x harem
    26.2K 335 17

    After being killed by an unfortunate accident he been reincarnated into this world but now with a goal that strives him to be number one.

    Completed   Mature
  • Senran Kagura Isekai!
    25.9K 427 16

    A pretty self explanatory title, a boy named Will gets transported into the Senran Kagura universe. Will's job is to take down an evil ninja that was also summoned to the world who has the power to use any ninja art the guy knows of. In order to give him a fighting chance, he is given a certain ability to spawn any we...

  • In A World Filled With Monster Waifus (Izekaied Male Reader x Monster Girls)
    3.4K 43 4

    After getting caught in a terrible thunderstorm and knocked into the ocean by the intense waves, you sink down into an open crevasse that reveals an ancient goddess that has been trapped in a statue for centuries named Aristia. She gives you the reward to be transferred to a new world that is much better that Earth. Y...

  • a male witchblade user (taimanin asagi harem x male reader x witchblade harem
    29.1K 418 5

    you are Y/n L/n you were just a normal citizen in Japan that is completely unaware of the war going in with three factions which involves the demons, cybernetic enhance ninjas and taimanins one day you were at your house watching TV then you received a interesting item in the mail which changed your life and opens you...

  • The Dimension Heroes: Heroes Unite (Ultimatecrossover Fanfiction)
    723 12 2

    Warning contains swearing. A great evil has cross into other worlds and now goes on to take innocent lives. It was then six chosen heroes from different worlds worked together and find light to defend this evil.

  • Waifu Novel!! (Male reader x Massive harem)!
    109K 921 21

    (Y/N) (L/N) is your ordinary 19 year old man. He works out, has a normal well paid job, lives in a house, has a pet dog named Ghost, and loves books, anime, manga, video games, and all various media!! One day, he finds a weird novel on the ground, titled "Waifu Novel!" He picks it up and decides to read it!! However...

  • Kingsglaive FFXV x Animeverse: The Rise of Dimensional Heroes
    994 28 3

    And so after, the final battle ended of Noctis and Ardyn and the light has returns on Eos. There is the young man who is part of Kingsglaive the elite warriors of soldiers. He was about to day.... One day he was brought to the another world mysterious beings. He found out he has the another power called Energy Force U...

  • female dragon harem x male reader
    57.2K 806 7

    yeah I've been looking around to find any stories of female dragons with a male reader that wasn't a one shot so far not a lot and I've remembered the movie Reign of fire which I loved watching so in this story it will be similar to Reign of fire with the dragons being the top of the food chain

  • New Hero Of Justice
    25.2K 260 37

    The New Hero Of Justice

  • Story ideas for adoption/challenges #2
    14K 119 179

    my second story idea book, hope you all enjoy. I'll be now posting writing prompts too

  • 5toubon: grim reaper (miku nakano X op oc) Completed
    3.9K 31 13

    prequel of gate 141 fought there legendary young disavowed ISAF ace pilot currently lives outside of ginza is currently in the same school where fuutarou & nakano quintuplets go to. his grades are excellent earning the same competition to fuutarou has caught a beautiful girl miku nakano's attention this is his chance...

  • Out Classed (18+)
    75.3K 719 13

    Union Academy was an all girl school only for those gifted with Quirks, Sacred Gears, Semblance Etc. However the school mysteriously disappears with no trace of it's students. (Y) a young detective tries to find the missing students and facility. However he uncovers an unholy secret

  • Meme Book
    1.2K 37 4

    just good ol memes.

  • Op Male Reader X Crossover Harem
    110K 1.3K 12

    Basically you having life in fantasy world with bunch of waifus I own nothing UwU.

  • Overprotective Goddesses x Male Child Reader
    77.6K 651 10

    in the world of gamindustri there lives being known as console patron units or CPUS for short the CPUs along with their sisters the cpu candidates protect gamindustri. but what happens when the goddesses find a lone child and become his guardian angels? find out today

  • Invasion Of The Ladies
    3.1K 32 3

    The life of the Mushroom Kingdom will never be the same again especially when Mario faces new troubles like Bowsette who's goal is to make him hers... and Luigi who has to face Queen Boo all on his own...with the era of the super crown will they survive or will it be easier than these two brothers thought. And soon...

  • Song of Evolution (Senki Zesshou Symphogear X Male Evol Reader)
    44.1K 464 8

    (I do NOT own the picture) (I do NOT own Symphogear nor do I own Kamen Rider) Thrown into another dimension full of disturbing monsters called Noise , Y/N L/N, must now fight off this threat to humanity using a power he himself fears but who said he was doing it alone. This is the story of a boy with the power of the...

  • May Your Heart Be Your Guiding Key
    2.6K 56 10

    A young boy's journey after losing his world to the darkness. Brace yourself for multiversal trip.

  • The One True King of Excalibur in Eostia ( Kuroinu X Decedent MaleReader)
    30K 320 9

    Basically I have the idea from @Remstrack99 give him credit from the idea. Basically it's you who will wield Excalibur!!!!! And Warning swearing and other stuff that is not for kids. Over years the King of Eostia who has the sword of Excalibur once rule of all of Eostia united in peace. It was until the king died and...

  • Senran Kagura: The Multiverse Warriors
    1.5K 42 7

    5 warriors from the corners of the multiverse the black swordsman, the DommSlayer, the gamer, the elemental dragon and the Phoenix After a anomaly send them away from their respective worlds, these five warriors end up in a new world they aren't familiar and are about to discover new place and new people. "Senran Kag...

  • Yandere Fate grand order harem x male Author Self insert
    28.5K 235 6

    welp...wish me luck with the Yanderes

  • The lonely Goddess Vert X Male Reader
    43.9K 536 8

    Vert the Goddess of Leanbox has no siblings or family. Feeling lonely she takes a walk and ends up finding someone to feel that hole in her heart and that person is you.

  • Interdimensional Character Meeting
    76 0 1

    Basically, the male readers from my stories and their friends (or enemies,) come here and have random conversations or get into fights, so yeah...

  • Crossing vision
    1K 20 9

    (This is Something that I decide to work on after a couple of months. Hope you enjoy it) Courage, willpower, dreams, and logic. These are what brought humanity so far in life. Without one or the other it's difficult to say if we would be what we are right now. But what if there's someone that disagrees with this state...

  • kuroinu x saiyan oc x Dragon Ball Super (Cancelled)
    11.1K 95 8

    This is a story about a sayian who land in eostia and will save it

  • Son Of light(Male Reader Insert)
    2.4K 42 6


  • Battle Network: Rebooted
    3.3K 39 25

    Tari warps into the gaming world of Ultra Jump Mania. She meets Theo, the main protagonist, and the two make their way through the island. During which they come across a hero long thought to be dead. Now in a new age long past his and new/old foes to fight, the newly upgraded cyber hero is ready to level up.

  • Second Chance (REWRITE)
    36.9K 449 19

    To everyone... Izuku was nothing. A child born Quirkless. Once a averge cheery child he and his sister Izumi yagi as well as there group of friends. All expecting the two yagi twins to have amazing quirks. Izuku was the subject to years of torture by his family and friends, he had no one. Until he discovered that he d...

    Completed   Mature