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  • Engage Revice
    1K 42 2

    Soren Azure a childhood friend of Ayano and close friend of Shu. He meets a demon girl after making contract before his friend does from sacrificing his memories, instead takes his place and became a Kamen Rider. Now helps his friend to find the demon who was responsible from twelve years ago and fighting other demons...

  • The Spider & The Gamer
    2.5K 137 5

    This basically what I orginally wanted to do. This will be focus towards her story before the events transpire and I'm checking out the manag right now that is currently on-going during before everything happens. P.S.: No Harem this time. Just Shiraori because want to try something different. If goes well then good...

  • So I'm A Gamer, So What?
    10K 414 16

    Jon Winn is a classmate and an only friend to Wakaba Hiiro. He hangs out with her and protected her ever since their kids. Until one day out of nowhere their class got hit by something, everyone reincarnated except he was transported instead. Even gain the power of Gamer that is more advanced and given by Gaia. He fig...

    Completed   Mature
  • How Not To Summon a Super Sayain
    1K 71 2

    Jon Winn is a Cross Reverie player except as one of the most powerful race there is. which it is a Sayain with all its powers and equipment as he goes by Soren Azure. Suddenly got summon by two girls and journey with them through out this world and overcome obstacles. Plus be around with cute girls that wants his atte...

  • Animeverse: Reincarnated As Emiya
    2.2K 98 3

    Soren died during Nuclear War. Now reincarnated as Emiya as he's been summon by Master of Chaldea herself. He has to adjust with his new life and keep him bit sane with both of his and Archer memories of hell. Can he really find peace in this world and fight in different worlds with new Singularities? Not to mention m...

  • RWBY Ice Queendom X Male Reader
    3.7K 152 4

    Yn Ln reincarnated in World of RWBY except it's a bit different than he thought becoming anime and recognize its not OG RWBY. But RWBY Ice Queendom as Yn goes through the story and help stop those Nightmare Grimm messing with his new friends and some of then become his lovers as well.

  • Arifureta: Kamen Rider Century
    1.3K 66 3

    Soren was reincarnated to another world as "Hajime classmate" and gain power of Kamen Rider Century and more abilities. Unfortunately he and new Hajime have to work together get through the obstacles that gets in their way. Soren meets a certain blonde vampire girl and other women as well. Can Soren and Hajime put the...

  • Ultimate Harem: Second Chances
    6.3K 334 16

    "Decided to remake how they met and how he adjust being a hero". Throughout the Multiverse. Each world of the girls Soren's died and went through depression, suddenly a flash of light sends them to another world where a complete different version of him. Jon Winn from Earth Prime living a normal life until his life tu...

  • Oma Zi-O Reborn: Isekai Harem
    1K 43 2

    After his defeat against his other self, he was given a second chance and reborn into World of FGO and save humanity, even rule it once again as king. Soren aka Kamen Rider Oma Zi-O travel to others world as he meets many people. But will he save it or destroyed it?

  • Shazam: HSDxD Harem
    2.5K 149 4

    Yn Ln died and reincarnated to High School DxD with the powers of Shazam as he fights supernatural being, even meets girls from the show he'd seen and gaining a Harem as well.

  • Reincarnated as Akame & Transported In Fairy Tail
    1K 35 2

    The boy being reincarnated as Akame and endure everything she did, after the war she'd travel and kill that made Akame close her heart after loosing people she cared about. Until she summon by a certain blonde wizard and journey with her friends against many battle. Even something more with her and the girls.

  • Date A Live: Spirits Harem
    1.4K 64 2

    Soren aka Superboy is a Kryptonian living in the Azure Residence ever since he was a toddler and lives in New York; he joins the Avengers to fight battles that no one ever could, until meeting Thanos. Not even the Kryptonian Avenger was able to defeat Thanos who possesses all Infinity Stones, Soren felt guilty that he...

  • Kamen Rider Cross-ZBuild: Be The One!
    2.4K 75 4

    Yn Ln is Kamen Rider Build & Cross-Z. He gain those powers by Soren Azure aka Decade and Zi-O. Even gave him a chance to go to another world where all fanboys always wanted to go, even gain a Harem especially its LEGAL there! Yn fights forces of evil and meet many sexy and beautiful women.

  • Kingdom Hearts 2 X Crossover Harem
    1.4K 40 3

    Soren and his Goddess partners we're slaying monsters for a Quest. Later, they've been summon by Master Yen Sid to go out towards other worlds fighting Heartless, Nobodies and Organization XIII, including meet many girls. Neptunia: Dealing with a Harem is never easy. Nope. If the guy survives.

  • Supreme God: Massive Senran Kagura Harem
    1.3K 47 2

    Soren is in his 30s fighting in World War 3 until he died saving his comrades and became Supreme God after many centuries until he went to World of Senran Kagura as he meets girls even gain a Massive Harem and fight evil.

  • Queens Blade: I Have Arrived
    1K 40 2

    Yn Ln is Kamen Rider Den-O.....well sort of. Him and his friends were just minding their own business which is fighting Imagin, until unknown monsters appear that their not familiar with. New enemies emerge and hot women in armor appear, even angels to stop the Swamp Witch whose able to cross Kamen Rider World. Can th...

  • Multiverse Madness: Yandere Invasion
    11.1K 299 12

    Soren or the man who went by in his books and accounts lives in Earth Prime where everything is normal and everything he sees is fictional, but lately he has flashes of dreams and memories from other Dimensions of his other selves. Until Steven Strange aka Doctor Strange appear with a friend to find him and protect th...

  • Male Reader x Reika Rikudou (One Shot)
    892 31 1

    Fate/Apocrypha Lemon One-Shot Male Kamen Rider Build Reader x Reika Rikudou

    Completed   Mature
  • Momokyun Sword: Wukong Arrives
    1.1K 47 2

    Soren Azure lives a quite life and is martial artist, especially taught Renewal Taekwondo and unknown past life. Until one day was summon by a Goddess to help another world as he meets oni, goddess and specific girl who also has unknown origin and travels three companions to defeat powerful Oni and save the world.

  • Once A Union Student & Now A Power Ranger
    7.2K 159 5

    Soren was a Union Student except he got kick out do to not showning sign of Quirk, Sacred Gear nor Semblance depsite. He's been bullied which he experienced and his girlfriends cheated on him. Until Zordon chose him become the leader of the "Power Rangers". Because he sees potential, determination and has a good heart...