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  • all these years- [shawmila]
    54.4K 1.5K 28

    After all these years, I still feel everything when you are near.

  • My brothers best friend // S.M
    1.9M 44.5K 99

    "But what if he finds out" I asked him while panicking. "Shhh he doesn't have to know" he said coming closer to me. A story in which Amy, Jayden's little sister starts messing around with his best friend, Shawn Mendes. Wanna know what's gonna happen? Read to find out. Started: July 8, 2018 Reached 1 million reads: Ma...

  • Sugar Daddy {S.M}
    5M 79.5K 29

    "I'll buy you anything you want, under one condition." "That is?" "You assist me around the world as my girlfriend to the public eye, but daddy's dirty girl when it's just you and I. Have we got a deal?" "Anything I want?" "Anything your little heart desires." "Deal."

  • Mr. Mendes | shawn mendes
    1.6M 31.9K 59

    When it was myself and thirty other students, he was Mr. Mendes. When it was just him and I, he was Shawn.

    Completed   Mature
  • Tour bus [Shawn Mendes]
    5.6M 94K 34

    Being stuck with Shawn Mendes on tour doesn't sound that bad right?

  • Bad Reputation (Shawn Mendes)
    4.2M 95.6K 64

    "Watch where you're going!" a voice growls. I look up and see the most breathtakingly gorgeous guy I have ever seen. *** Jasmine Smith is a 17 year old with a simple life. After moving to a new school Jasmine plans to keep her head down and focus on her grades. However, all that changes when she accidentally bumps i...

  • hired // shawnmendes
    2.5M 58.4K 36

    "stop doing that!" "doing what?" "acting like you like being with me one second and acting like you hate me the next!" "i think you forget you're the one who gets paid to do this." (lowercase intended!) SEQUEL IS POSTED, ITS CALLED LEARN!! disclaimer: i don't own shawn or any of the magcon boys but i do own leena and...