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  • My Band Girls - BanG Dream x Male! OC x Female! OCs
    16.4K 389 33

    James is just an average 2nd year high school boy from the US living in Japan. Deciding to take a chance and to hopefully make his life more interesting, he and his best friend Alisa become the newest staff members of Live House CiRCLE, a newly-opened live house for girl bands. A somewhat relatively mundane step. Unkn...

  • "A Guitarist's Passion" - Sayo x Male Reader
    6.9K 143 5

    The devoted guitarist of Roselia, Hikawa Sayo, is an old rival of yours. In middle school, after seeing her play, you take up guitar, and what happens when you go against her? It will change both of you.

  • "The Top Tsundere" - Arisa x Male Reader
    12.1K 203 6

    "I-It's not l-like I LIKE you or anything!" But... we all know that's not true! Of course she likes me, it's obvious! How will I show her? Or how will she show me? The anticipation is killing me!

  • Star Beats! (Bang Dream x Male Reader Story)
    22.3K 436 13

    (Y/N)=Your Name (L/N)=Last Name Richest CEO and only Heir by Day, Famous DJ by Night! This is the life of (Y/N) (L/N)! He has eveything he wants yet he feels lacking. Something was missing in his life. One night after completing his European tour, an attourney came to meet him about his late grandfather's last will...