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  • Made of Steel Q&A
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    Ayeeeee! Submit your 'Made of Steel' or 'Made of Secrets' Questions and I'll answer them! Lol 'cause that's the whole purpose of this thing…by the way! Whether they are for me-the author- or the characters I'll answers as much as I can!! I got this idea from the author of Enigmatic and Sacrifice...

  • Made of Secrets {Sequel to "Made of Steel} (Divergent/Eric)
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    {{Sequel to Made of Steel}} - Events slightly different from original 'Divergent' book

  • Made of Steel (Divergent Fanfiction(Divergent/Eric)) AU
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    She was Dauntless He was Erudite She loved him with all her heart.He returned the favor When he transfers to Dauntless things start to change... But is it for the best? Ft. 5 seconds of summer! ✔️ = edited -Divergent was originally written by Verionica...