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  • Rin Okumura - this is me
    52.2K 1.2K 12

    I do not own blue exorcist or the characters This is a story about we're Rin was took by saten when he was 5 and raised by saten himself! farther fushimoto died due to depression and an illness so 2 years after his m Yukio became an exorcist and a teacher at true cross but then Rin comes back with his new brother an...

  • The Demon Prince [Blue Exorcist Fanfiction]
    30.2K 714 13

    Monster! Demon Child! I was constantly called this as a young child and little did I know they were right. I was the child of a demon. One day I would learn that and it would come in the form of a bet and pink clown that I would later learn to call my big brother. ~AHAHAHAHAHA I THE AUTHOR OF THIS BOOK IS PURE EVIL FO...

  • The Painful Trip ( Blue Exorcist Fanfiction)
    3K 57 17

    Yukio's class was going on a class trip and Rin wasnt there. Strange. He was awake all night from all the excitment. But what happens when the class got on the train and Bon spotted a bloody figure in a far distance?? (Sorry for the horriable description its my first book i hope u read it?)

  • The Spark of Blue Flames (Blue Exorcist Fanfiction)
    400 17 1

    It's been a year after the defeat Satan. Rin hasn't exploded into his blue flames since then, and his cram school classmates have almost forgotten of his and Yukio's lineage. But after finding out blue flames have been reported on campus, Rin is as close to exploding as before. Then, the next day of school, a new girl...

  • Escaping from the Pain (hiatus)
    116K 2.8K 15

    Rin Okumura had enough of his first friends and brother talking trash about him. He had trusted them with his heart and they broke it. Rin will be going to Gehenna without a word to his so called friends , but when he returns he won't be the same. Will the exwires find a way to bring back the old Rin or will rin forev...

  • Given by god (Izuku x Nejire) (For adoption)
    120K 1.5K 17

    Izuku was killed by the sludge Monster when saved Bakugou but a goddess ' useless ' brought him back to life and gave him the powers of a god, that Izuku may be a hero?

  • Multiverses of Izuku Midoriya
    730K 5.1K 43

    After All Might defeated All for One, UA decided to have some rest including the pros and all of the students especially Classes 1-a and 1-b. When suddenly everyone was teleported to a cinema theater to watch the different versions of their precious cinnamon roll.

  • His Eternal Bride || OverFemDeku
    256K 7.2K 52

    (COMPLETE ✔) 💚 Overhaul X Fem!Izuku _____________ [ FIRST OVERHAUL X FEM!IZUKU FANFIC ON WATTPAD ] _____________ Just when Izuku Midoriya thinks she can finally rest for after a long day, she is surprised with a sudden visit by her workaholic father. Never did she think Hisashi will pay a visit unless there's a spec...

    Completed   Mature
  • Crystal Hero: crystaliate (vigilante deku)
    138K 3.2K 11

    Izuku has the quirk of "crystal" where Izuku can change a part or all of his body into green emerald like crystal. The more he trains the more harder and more he can produce crystal. Izuku is a vigilante in this story until he gets caught by aizawa. He also gets one for all.

  • The Amazing Green Spider
    6.9K 137 4

    Izuku is born quirkless until a faithful event occur where Izuku gets bitten by a spider and wakes up with spider power....

  • Fantastic beasts and I'm two of them (I Think Adopted By Hahanofu)
    131K 2.9K 41

    Izuku was just on the orphanage steps a single note with his name on it and nothing else not even a last name but he's going to be a hero he has the quirk he has the attitude and most importantly he has great hair or was that the least important thing. Either way he's going to show those bastards that left him at the...

  • lucky me (Izuku x Nejire)
    49.1K 441 9

    This story takes place just before Mirio kicks 1-A ass. Izuku Midoriya, the class wildcard. He seems weak but always surprises you. doing this has earned the attention of one Nejire Hado... how will the class react to this?

  • SpiderIzuku
    313K 5.4K 46

    Izuku gets bit by a radioactive spider and gets the abilities of one. Disclaimer: I do not own My Hero Academia, the music or pictures featured in this book nor the Spiderman series. But I own the plot of this story and the OC's I've created.

  • Izuku x harem
    44K 331 3

    what if Izuku mastered one for all from the start; then somehow maneged to get every girl to fall in love with him? what will he do?

  • Midoriya Pool
    295K 5.5K 32

    This story is about Midoriya having the same abilities as Deadpool, just as a quirk. It will have adult content. And some gruesome stuff. So if you can't stomach the regular Deadpool. This book isn't for you. Rating 18 NLVS Disclaimer: I do not own the My Hero Academia series, the pictures or music featured in this b...

  • The World's Darkest Hero
    69.7K 1.2K 12

    Disclaimer: don't own ghost rider, bnha, or it's characters. the person who made this story is TheSmilingMask. Description: [Ghost Rider crossover] When he discovers that his mother is in danger of dying from an illness, Izuku does not know what to do, but a mysterious man seems to have a solution to that problem, as...

  • demon Deku
    104K 1K 15

    Izuku have demon powers

  • My Heroic Destiny
    50.9K 1K 36

    What if Izuku took Bakugo's advice and jumped. What if he died, it wouldn't affect anyone but his mother, so who cares. Well a godlike entity had different plans for crafting his destiny.

  • My Choice || DabiFemDeku
    303K 7.9K 40

    [COMPLETE✔] Dabi X Fem!Izuku ____________________ Midoriya and Todoroki had been dating for 3 months now. But one day,everything changed. Midoriya caught Todoroki having intercourse with Yaoyorozu in his room. Her heart shattered into million pieces. She thought he would apologize but instead he wanted to break up wit...

  • Izu Midori/Dekubowl : Only guys
    12.2K 288 2

    Izuku is a boy who dreams of being a #1 hero just like all might! Expect his quirk is a bit..... embarrassing for him... Or should I say her? After fighting in America Izuku starts to feel strange. No one knew the quirk of the villian Izuku was fighting but not to long after the fight, they found out. Izuku's quirk is...

  • The Fox Queen
    25.2K 670 2

    Naruko Uzumaki was abused and hurt in her village, by her parents, her siblings, and the villagers. For one reason; she holds the demon fox Kyuubi. When she and her two other siblings were born she was chosen to hold the fox. Her parents cherish her siblings Menma and Mito but have nothing but hate for her. When Naru...

  • *Fem Deku* IM A WHAT!??!
    158K 3.3K 28

    My walk turns into a run as I speed towards the scream. Once I get to the ally there I see a woman on the floor while a man towers above her. I use my quirk and run to punch the guy. He falls down rubbing his cheek murmuring "What the hell?". I Quickly grab the lady in my arms and rush her out of the ally. I turn arou...