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  • start somewhere; markhyuck ✓
    59.5K 3.9K 17

    "it's safer this way" or, in which mark and donghyuck hide their relationship to stop the pain

  • invested ☆ l.dh / w.yh | ✔
    3.2K 191 4

    in which you're convinced that you don't have a tattoo, and that you're in love with lee donghyuck ; non-idol au, matching tattoo soulmate au, love triangle ; x reader ; [23.1k]

  • number 57 ☆ w.yh | ✔
    827 56 1

    in which the player who ruined your team's homecoming game is oddly charming ; non-idol au, hs au, football player!yukhei ; x reader ; [2.9k]

  • a family ☆ s.jn | ✔
    2K 133 2

    in which your daughter might finally get the family she deserves ; non-idol au, single mother reader ; x reader ; [6.8k]

  • hetero :: yuwin
    289K 20.9K 26

    he·te·ro (noun.) hɛt(ə)rə(ʊ) 1. sexually attracted to people of the opposite sex. synonyms: na yuta; antonyms: dong sicheng. (now available in literally so many languages ily all ♡) [2018]

  • for him ; jaeyong [completed]
    134K 7.2K 19

    everyone was born with a timer date on their wrists. showing the time you'd meet your other half, your soulmate. You can also have conversations with your soulmate by writing on your skin, so it'd show up on the other persons skin. - 2017

  • crayons ☆ q.k | ✔
    1.7K 134 1

    in which you pick up your niece from school and her teacher is really cute ; non-idol au, preschool teacher kun, aunt reader ; x reader ; [5.4k]

  • Bts Imagines 2[COMPLETED]
    4.1M 101K 200

    Will contain smut just not as much as the first bts imagines. This is a smut and fluff warning. [NO LONGER TAKING REQUESTS] Hope you enjoy this second part of the bts imagines!

    Completed   Mature
  • not you, just me ☆ q.k | ✔
    2K 144 2

    in which you fake dating one member leads to you actually dating another ; idolverse, not your average fake dating au ; x reader ; [10.7k]

  • I dare you ➸ NoMin ꪜ
    63.1K 3.6K 6

    two best friends have a dare game that's been going on for months, just between the two of them. ___________________________________________ Start | August 7, 2O18 Finish | August 7, 2O18 ___________________

  • haechan imagines
    39.9K 673 14

    soft, no angst.

  • bad boy killer ☆ l.ty | ✔
    21K 896 4

    in which your childhood friend goes a little too far when reinventing himself for your senior year ; non-idol au, hs au, bad boy au ; x reader ; [20.4k]

  • secret┃jaeyong
    1.5M 88.9K 42

    ╻a secret they need to hide╹ ❀ jaeyong ❀ chogiwanese ━┅ ✎ this is made out of pure entertainment and a hundred percent FICTION. the characters portrayed in the book DOES NOT depict on what the idols truly are. ━┅ ✎ lower case intended (because i'm one lazy bean uwu) ━┅ ✎ i don't own anything (the pi...

  • tuition and fees ☆ | ✔
    10.7K 505 5

    in which you need to pay for your private school and get an offer that you can't refuse ; non-idol au, prep school au, (fake) friends to (real) lovers au ; x reader ; [17.4k]