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  • Fruit Awards 2k19 |||| CLOSED||||
    3.6K 347 13

    #1 in certification on 7 November 2019 #1 in Medals #2 in certificates We find the gems and deserving authors whos to be awarded as best book writer!! Get participate and give a chance of awarding if u deserve to be appreciated and motivated by viewers

  • The Trident Awards II
    2.3K 319 6

    We are back! It's another season and we're happy to get the second bus moving! You have what it takes to hold a trident? Hop in! The Tridents work when necessary to spotlight as many authors as possible and we are glad by doing that by hosting this award. New or old, famous or hidden, pro or learner, there's something...

  • The 2019 Talent Awards | ✔️
    10.3K 738 36

    status: closed yep, i still don't know what to write here. i think the title is pretty self-explanatory, don't ya think?

  • The Creative Cappuccino Awards
    10.1K 702 58

    Hello everyone and welcome to The Reading Café's latest Awards show! This is an awards contest to showcase writing talent of many genres. Here you will find amazing new stories and meet other authors with the same interests. Come on in!

  • Reading MAMA Contest, 2019
    3K 294 6

    Welcome to Reading MAMA contest, 2019 This contest is hosted by a group of aspiring writers who are willing to read and review your books and also to help writers to promote their books. Help us to create a great environment and support us for this movement In collaboration with- @RafaelJaff @MajesticIncAwards @Ohan...

  • The Monthly Gemstone Awards 2019 || CLOSED
    16.3K 215 14

    CLOSED. Are you sick and tired of participating in awards that take far too long to complete? Or awards that end up getting cancelled halfway? Are you looking for an award that actually provides you with feedback on how you can improve, rather than just a score and a prize? If so, you've come to the right place! Thes...

  • Blue Rose Awards- Closed
    23.3K 1.4K 57

    This is an opportunity for undiscovered authors to get their chance to shine. A first, second, and third place will be awarded. Good luck! #1 in contests 2/21/19-2/27/19