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  • Paris In The Rain - Finn WolfhardxReader
    3.7K 124 7

    "Anywhere with you feels right." - In which you and Finn are stuck in quarantine together. - Finn Wolfhard x Reader Inspired by the song "Paris In The Rain" by Lauv

  • Wallpapers | Finn Wolfhard
    36.4K 608 37

    just a book full of wallpapers (and icons) I've made of Finn Wolfhard :) there are some of other cast members from Stranger Things and IT, but other than that the wallpapers are mostly of Finn. they are free to use and no watermarks enjoy <3 just please do not claim them as your own. Comment if you use one of the wa...

  • Dern - Finn Wolfhard x Reader
    165K 3.2K 22

    Dern// Adjective | Meaning: Secret, hidden, dark; It can also refer to 'hidden' feelings - i.e. gloom, sorrowful, etc. - Started April 8, 2018 Finished October 10, 2018 Lowercase intended. ! i wrote this when i was a fetus and didn't know how to write so if you read this.. im sorry lmao !

  • Finn Wolfhard • Imagines 3
    241K 4.7K 50

    This is my third imagines book :) Finn, Mike, Richie. Requests are opened started June 29, 2018 ended

  • Finn Wolfhard • Imagines 2
    396K 6.3K 56

    This is my second Imagines book: Finn, Mike, Richie :) Requests are closed Started April 28, 2018 Finished: June 27, 2018

  • Finn Wolfhard • Imagines
    568K 8.5K 61

    Finn, Mike, and Richie :) Requests are closed. Started January 15, 2018 Ended April 24, 2018