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  • Flourish - A Review Shop by TeamOfDreams
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    Flourish is a review shop created by TeamOfDeams to provide writers an honest critique of their writing. Our goal is to uplift writers and assist in taking their creations to the next level through insightful, in-depth feedback. Our reviews span from just the cover to the entire book. If you're interested in applying...

  • Cover Dreams 2022 [JUDGING]
    636 81 8

    Readers judge books by their cover. This is a truth of life and we have to make the best of it. Whether in book shops or on Wattpad, readers decide whether to pick up a book based on the cover and the blurb. Are your cover and blurb strong enough to convince people to read your story? Find out in this contest.

  • Dream Book Recommendations
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    Are you looking for your next amazing read this summer? We've got you covered! This book showcases some of the best stories around Wattpad. No more scrolling through endless lists of stories on Wattpad to find your next read. All you need to do is scroll through this book to find something that tickles your fancy. Ha...

  • Creative Dreams Writing Club - Team of Dreams
    752 95 4

    The Creative Dreams Writing Club is designed for active writers. If you want to hone your craft with something more challenging than a simple writing prompt, this is the club for you! We study things like opening hooks, showing versus telling, and setting the tone, among other things. Open to English-speaking and Dutc...

  • Lost Dreams Book Club
    19.8K 971 89

    This is a book club that aims for your entire book to be read and commented on. We are always looking for dedicated members who want to improve their writing and reviewing skills. In need of useful feedback throughout your entire story, from beginning to end? Come on in to find out if this is the book club for you.