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  • The Other Guy (BoyxBoy)
    251K 10.3K 23

    °°°°° "I walked over to where Aaron was sitting on the ground, kneeling so that I was face-to-face with him. He was wearing a blank expression on his face so I guess he didn't really care if I kissed him or not. I took in a deep breath before taking his face in both of my hands and swooping down to kiss him. At first...

    Completed   Mature
  • Running From Him (ManxMan)
    52.8K 3.1K 52

    Clark Robinson is your average, gay, small-town boy. With happily married parents, great friends, and a comfortable existence as a well-liked kid in his town, his life seems normal, almost perfect. That is until someone takes a deep interest in him and makes it their mission to have him as theirs. What was supposed to...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Middle School Crush (BoyxBoy)
    104K 4.6K 44

    Highest Rankings: #5 BoyxBoy #19 LGBT #19 LGBTQ #17 ManxMan Mason Moore and Mark Tyler have been friends since the fifth grade. And Mason has liked him for just as long. But even as a tiny preteen, Mason knew that his feelings had no place in Mark's world. No, the ever popular heartthrob had a clear type: beautiful...

  • Connected To Him (ManxMan)
    14.9K 1K 61

    Ethan's life had been so simple. All he had to worry about was school and his best friend Aiden, but soon Ethan found himself with a crush on the new guy, Chris Davis. The story of how they meet and fall in love is sweet but ends on a bitter note, for both of them. Now, nearly ten years later, the two classmates meet...