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  • Peter Parker and His Overprotective Family
    1M 22.4K 118

    oneshots about Peter Parker and His Overprotective Family , there Will be - Stucky - Stony - Peter x Harley - Irondad and Spiderson - Field trip - Angst - Loki meeting Peter - Shuri and Peter - and Natasha being a mother spider feel free to suggest any ideas you Have , I don't write smuts cuz I'm Very bad at it...

  • Broken
    263K 5.4K 42

    Percy's life change when he was four as his mother Sally was murdered by his Step-Father Gabe and is abused for a few months until a neighbor called the police and Percy was sent to a children's home until Poseidon found out he had a son. Then stuff happens. Warning mentions of physical, sexual, and verbal abuse. *Co...

  • Spiderman Oneshots (Completed)
    1.1M 36.1K 212

    Sorry I couldn't get to most of the requests.

  • Experiment Gone Wrong [Book 1 Completed]
    446K 14.9K 47

    "N-no! Stop it! Please! Make it stop!" "It'll all be over soon, kid." "Someone! Please help me!" ------- "What have they done to you?" ------------------ At age five, Izuku Midoriya was stolen away from his mother by the League of Villains. All for One was trying to create new Noumu's that were as braindead as t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Spider-man And The Avengers One-Shots
    807K 21.3K 105

    including: Team Red aka Deadpool, Daredevil and Spider-man The Avengers Loki Shuri The Defenders (Netflix Marvel Universe) Ned Flash MJ Pepper Pots DC Character Random people in classrooms and other people I can't remember right now