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  • Dork Diaries: Tales from a NOT-SO- Fabulous WhatsApp Group-Fanfic
    11.1K 306 25

    Before starting, I will give the respective copyright: All rights reserved to Rachel Renée Russell. To "Aladdin Paperbacks" the publisher in charge of supervising them. Finally, to Erin and Nikki, the ones in charge of helping to write and draw these magnificent books. ? ️ THE CHARACTERS ARE NOT OF MY PROPERTY, ALL RI...

  • Dork Diaries : Truth or Lie
    43.9K 1.2K 11

    [ FANMADE STORY ] Nikki Maxwell is back again ! This time .... Mackenzie wants to be her friend ? Not only this , there's going to be a spirit carnival at WCD , but not everyone will be in their spirits ! Plus they might have a new pet ... Woof ? Meow ? Squeak ?! Find out What will happen to Nikki and her friends bec...

  • Dork Diaries: The Jungle Trip
    26.8K 948 15

    After so many months Brandon asked Nikki to go on a trip and Nikki accepted it but Nikki wants to take her all friends with her and Brandon doesn't know and he is thinking that he and Nikki will only go for the trip. Will Nikki tell the truth or she will let her friends go away and will go alone with Brandon?? Read to...

  • Dork Diaries School's Out
    37.2K 1.3K 3

    This book is officially completed! This is my first book. Hope you enjoy, comment any problem. Cover made by @Jillian_Nicole349. PLOT: Nikki Maxwell, a Dork, gets bullied by Mackenzie Hollister every day at school. Her two BFFS, Chloe and Zoey, are always by her side. Join Nikki and her wild adventures during the Summ...

  • Dork Diaries in real life
    58.6K 1.5K 13

    The life of Nikki maxwell has suddenly changed when makenzie has stopped being mean to her! was it just a prank? find out in Dork Diaries in real life