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  • Fading Shadows
    33.6K 1.2K 18

    The marauders learn of Severus' abusive home. Remus decides a change is in order and decides to befriend Severus. Read to see how this will affect the wheels of fate and if there will finally be happiness in Severus' life or will he continue being miserable. DISCLAIMER: This is only written for entertainment and all...

  • Girl With One Eye (Draco Malfoy Love Story)
    283K 6.8K 30

    Everyone forgot about Celestia Potter, she was always in the shadow of her twin brother and that meant at their uncles house too, Harry was forced to live in a cupboard under the stairs while Celestia was left in the loft. Will that change when they go to hogwarts? will she follow in her brothers footsteps or will she...

  • Teacher chatroom {BNHA}
    458K 14.7K 36

    Nezu makes the mistake of creating a chatroom for the UA staff

  • Mythic Alliance
    293K 13.1K 26

    They say there's no such thing as a magical Animagus. They're wrong. Harry Potter, Severus Snape and Draco Malfoy join together in an alliance no one, especially Voldemort, is expecting. Severus/Harry mentor, Harry/Draco friends. No slash. Once again this is not mine this awesome book is by Jendra. I hope you'll enjoy

  • RTTE watches HTTYD
    23.9K 798 16

    The characters Viggo and Ryker Grimborn, Queen Mala, Thork, and Dagger will be watching the first how to train your dragon movie. (Sequel is out! It's called Dragon Hunters Hunting Their Lover's Dragon Soul.)

  • The Betrayal
    40.1K 732 29

    After the incident with Master Chen during the tournament of elements Lloyd starts to feel alienated from his team and his own mother. They ignore him and even flat out pretend like he's not even in the room. Noticing this Sensei Wu give Lloyd an opportunity to heal by going to Paris with a friend of the family, the D...

  • Where we belong
    11.9K 402 9

    A reccomended prompt AU where Luz and Hunter are human siblings. Finding their places in Boiling Isles together and getting into trouble. ⚠️I do not own the cover sketch, credit to @pupafobe on Twitter. ⚠️

  • Charlie's Half Sister (Alastor x Reader)
    126K 4.1K 56

    Charlie is the princess of hell. No one could deny that. Her parents are Lucifer and Lilith. But what if she wasn't the only child Lucifer ever had? What if she was half mortal and she was known for all the carnage and chaos she reigned down on earth? And the best part is that (y/n) and Lucifer have been in contact si...

  • Danganronpa v3 boyfriend
    628K 7.2K 54

    This is a Danganronpa boyfriend scenarios which offers a variety of different situations with one of the boys as your boyfriend(or husband in some case) All scenarios takes place in the academy and the academy time. Request and character's adding request are open. Enjoy ~☆ Best rank : 2# Kokichi 1#...

  • Forgetful (OHSHC)
    15.2K 498 8

    Kasumi Tokito, the older sister of Muichiro and Yuichiro. Even as a simple commoner, Kasumi has been friends with the host club members for years. As manager of the Host Club, the second year is especially close to Tamaki and Kyoya. When Haruhi joins the club, how will this effect Kasumi?

  • A Box Of Kittens
    391K 11.1K 50

    This is a reader insert for Black Butler. It is set in London, 2018 when (your name) (last name) finds a box of oddly coloured kittens. But she takes them in anyway! Because who doesn't love kittens?! (If you don't, shame on you) I'm terrible at story descriptions...

  • The Princess & The Werewolf {Book 1}
    136K 2.5K 25

    Malia Rose is the daughter of Aurora and Prince Phillip and the sister of Audrey Rose. Malia and Ben were the best couple in Auradon, everyone knew that, they were madly in love with each other. But their relationship goes downhill when Ben leaves Malia for Mal, the daughter of Maleficent. Heartbroken and angry Malia...

  • New Maid's (Demon Slayer Au)
    32.9K 650 13

    Giyū Tomioka,Kyōjurō Rengoku and Muichirō Tokitō are bestfriend thev had known each other since high-school. living together was not easy as they thought it would be especially when they can not find a good paying job so what happened if they had decided to work as maids in the one only sanemi Shinazugawa mansion? ...

  • Ultimate In Training (Danganronpa Boys x Child reader)
    500K 5.3K 77

    I'll only be doing a few characters from each game. I'm new to the fandom, so go easy on me! Hope's Peak Academy announced that they were starting a new program- The Ultimate Training Program. The program was for children as young as preschool who showed potential to be future ultimates. But what happens when one of t...

  • Hazbin hotel ( Alastor x Male reader)
    218K 5.6K 79

    ⚠️!WARNING¡⚠️ This is A boy x boy story so if you don't like it your always welcome to just ignore it and continue your day with your peace my friend aaand btw this is my first story so sorry if it's not that good but imma try my best to make it as good as possibly i can (TwT)👍

  • A Mask to Hide His Secrets (Amaguji Fanfic)
    5.9K 84 3

    "What's with the mask?" "It's to hide all the pain and suffering I've been through." WARNING: mature themes Disclaimer: I do not own Danganronpa or any characters in the franchise Hope's Peak Academy AU

  • What if Rui never became a demon?
    1.9K 147 15

    Rui Ayaki, from Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba), is unfortunately a demon. This will include spoilers of what happened to him, but if you already know what happened and you are interested of what I think would happen if he never met Kibutsuji, then read this! :D This is only my second story that I've made, (besides ro...

  • The Child || Sanemi × Inosuke
    20.2K 452 32

    I'm just bored and this popped into my mind :3 :] Warning this book ships contain - Inosuke × Sanemi (aged up) Tanjiro × Genya (aged up) Zenitsu × Uzui (aged up) Igour × Muichiro (he's aged up!) Giyuu × Sabito (he didnt die) Mitsuri × Shinobu Akaze × Renguko Nezuko × Kanao Muzan × death >:D (I dont hate him!)

    Completed   Mature
  • Was it a trick? (A Jeverus story)
    19.1K 586 16

    F*ck descriptions- Just don't read this story- like AT ALL- Or DO if you want to- I'm not stopping you- but don't say I didn't warn you- No but seriously- this story is cringe and I was probably on drugs making this- please don't read it- (This story is being continued by someone else)

    Completed   Mature
  • Everyone wants Severus
    13.6K 423 9

    I had a crazy idea and I am hoping a more talented writer will continue this story as their own. 4 year old Harry & Draco accidentally end up in the past. They have different Fathers but have the same Bearer. How will Severus handle the sudden appearance of two adorable toddlers calling him Mommy. A story that will...

  • Bound by Music
    31.5K 904 32

    Six years ago, Sonic left his home, his kingdom, and his family behind to stop Robotnik from taking over the world. Everyone knows that story. But what happens when his past begins to catch up with him? There was more to the prophecy than what you have heard. There is a fourth voice, who was lost long ago, and it is...

    1.7M 46.5K 63

    "ATHENA GREY, WAS FOURTEEN WHEN SHE WON HER GAMES.." "FOURTEEN? IS SHE DANGEROUS?" "EXTREMELY..SHE RAN INTO THE CORNUCOPIA AND TOOK OUT TEN TRIBUTES..ON HER OWN.." --- dan·ger·ous adjective 1. full of danger or risk; causing danger; perilous; risky; hazardous; unsafe. "She is extremely dangerous.." ...

  • Stranger Things x Reader
    678K 15K 22

    Subject 01: Y/n L/n Abilities: emotion reading, mind reading, seeing through someone else's perspective, and psychological practices. You were an experiment that escaped from Hawkins Lab, but not unharmed. Papa beat you for every test you did not complete, until one day you got tired of it. You ran away at the age of...

  • All because of Snapes Daughter A Harco/Drarry story
    2.3K 86 6

    What if, the story was flipped upside down. What if, Dumbledore wasn't out of the wrong either? What of harry found out that his life was a huge lie. What if Draco Malfoy was more mysterious than Snape himself? And since when did Snape have a daughter?! Yes I am completely changing the original plot line. Kill me. S...

  • The Repeated Rope ÷Book 1÷
    91.4K 2.1K 21

    Harry James Potter a boy who was lost and going into his Third year of Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. His uncle Abused him, his aunt made him do all the chores, his cousin rapes him. Harry wishes to be safe. Does he get his wish? Will he be safe? Is he really a Potter?

  • What Can You See? (Creepypasta x male reader) ReWritten
    110K 3.6K 2

    A boy with fading vision, a cat with questionable motives, and some creeps. What could go right? (Currently being rewritten) --------------------------------------------------- A/N: We noticed there weren't many CP stories with male readers, so we're just going to slide on in here. - -- Creepypasta males X Male reader...

  • Vitaly x Male!fennec fox! Ocs
    17.3K 341 8

    Felix's life almost same as Alex in Africa, in his childood so Alex and Felix are childhood but they had their different personality way, since Alex that all he do is roar in front of New York. Felix is different, he likes and play as DJ. Right now, Alex and Felix found their real home. They all waited for the peng...

  • Meeting the Marauders
    2.6M 95.1K 59

    Ariana Rebecca Dumbledore is the only child of Albus Dumbledore, headmaster of Hogwarts. After being expelled from Beauxbatons, a school in France, she comes to the school her dad runs. She must fight against the fate she was given as a baby, all while falling in love with a marauder. [Sirius Black] [completed] [boo...