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  • Overprotective Ro'meave -Incomplete
    8K 238 15

    *Notice: This will soon be in the making of being remastered. Once published, I'll post a link to the new version.* Zane wakes up in a hospital. He doesn't remember what had happened before hand- but he does know that Garroth has been acting... different. What had caused this? What happened to him? Most importantly, w...

  • Crying With The Wolves (Aarmau Werewolf Au)
    12K 372 24

    If following the volume of her beating heart was all it took to find her and get her out of the god awful living situation she was in, why didn't he come and get her sooner? Aphmau was a werewolf who drew the short stick in life. He parents had tragically passed away and from then on, she was stuck living with the cur...

    Completed   Mature
  • Werewolf Zane (Random Zane story)
    30.1K 711 31

    Zane is having a difficult time getting accustomed to being a werewolf after accidentally looking into Aaron's Ultima eyes, and still tries to have a nice vacation in Starlight. It's not until late into their vacation, a tragedy happens that gets them stuck on the island and being hunted down. *IMPORTANT!! The cover i...

  • Just A Bully - Aphmau Zanvis
    15.9K 508 13

    Where Zane, the weakest male in the school is bullied by the others, and manages to fall in love with the one and only Travis Valkrum, who may or not not share the same feelings.

  • Through Glass~ A Zanvis AU Fanfic. {•Book Two•}
    12.2K 518 7

    'Cause I'm looking at you through the glass Don't know how much time has passed All I know is that it feels like forever When no one ever tells you that forever Feels like home, sitting all alone inside your head' ~~~ "This has to be an illusion.. I saw your dead body!" "I know.. But does that really matter?" "Yes! I...

  • Travis' Book Of Secrets (COMPLETED)
    35.7K 819 33

    (Highest Ranking: #1 in aphmau) I am a demon. I have one inside. I use this to get rid of the liars, cheaters, disgusting pricks of mystreet. If you're reading this. I am dead. (MATURE THEMES!!!!SENSTITIVE TOPICS! TW!) Original story by @kathships9

  • Mine. Zanvis
    8.2K 178 3

    "Your mine now." He said eyeing me with the flirty green eyes he has. "I want you tell me your mine." He grinned. "I'm yours." I replied. "Louder." "I'm yours." I said louder. "Hmm?" "Travis I'm yours!" I almost yelled. He leaned in and kissed me. I am his. Zane really only had one friend, Aphmau. Well he knew more pe...

  • Little Zane
    78.4K 2.2K 35

    Zane has bad anxiety and depression. He stresses over the tiniest of things and it drives him crazy. He finds comfort in things made for children. Every night before he goes to sleep he puts his favorite pacifier in his mouth and snuggles up to his teddy bear. One day Aphmau invited everyone to a sleep over. Zane is f...

  • Truth or Dare (Ask Zanvis)
    23.4K 297 22

    This will be based off my fanfics and just mystreet in general so have fun! • • • • Cover Art doesn't belong to me! Credit to that Artist

  • Zanvis Smut Book
    18.6K 246 4

    Zanvis smuts by yours truly

  • zanvis or zene
    33K 815 20

    zane ro'meave is in a problem of having to decide travis or Gene seeing they both are tearing each other apart who will he choose what happens

  • ~Lover Boys~(Zanvis Love story)*redo*
    1.3K 32 12

    Well you can tell by the title this is a Zanvis love story UwU This story begins very long ago, before Phoenix Drop, but thats meant for another time. Right now this story will Begin in Highschool. Were these to lover boys met....but this wasnt really there first meeting nor there last. but lets get on with the story...

  • More then friends (Zanvis yaoi)
    27.7K 321 5

    This story has inappropriate content, if your young and read this don't tell your parents its not my job to tell you what your not aloud reading XD

  • Aphmau Gay One-Shots (Lemons)
    31.6K 339 6

    Sorry not sorry.

  • Zane Oneshots (DISCONTINUED)
    6.1K 74 13

    Sorry, I'm out of the fandom. I don't like what happened to Zane, I don't like Aaron, and I haven't watched the show in some odd years.

  • Zanvis OneShotss
    15.1K 215 9

    Just OneShots Of Zane And Travis ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Warning ~ Smut

  • Zanvis one shots
    612 8 3

    Hey, this will contain mostly fluff fics but some light lemons, hope ya like it! #ZaneIsANugget

  • The Butterfly Effect {Zanvis AU} (An Interactive Story)
    6.6K 331 10

    "A tiny butterfly flapping it's wings today, may lead to a devastating hurricane weeks from now." Def.- n. "...A phenomenon in which a small perturbation in the initial condition of a system results in large changes in later conditions. Such phenomena are common in complex dynamical systems and are studied in chaos t...

  • Zanvis: ALIVE. (Part two of Apocalypse AU!)
    9.8K 330 32

    I highly recommend reading my Apocalypse AU story before this one is you want to understand everything. _>_>_>_>_>_><_

  • A Zane X Travis Story {DISCONTINUED}
    25.4K 392 17

    Okay so aphmau is reading fanfics. I wanna do one. ******THIS. IS. A. CRACK. FIC. NOTHING ABOUT THIS IS SERIOUS****** This book is a joke just like my writing career eyyYYYY YO If more of y'all add this I'm seriously gonna end myself this book is the bane of my existence

  • UnFurled Love //Zanvis// And OneShots
    85.9K 1.5K 62

    Zane and Travis are both anxious at the sleepover that AphMau just had to have and since everyone-except Garroth and Vlyad - ship Zanvis things go a bit embarrassing for the two Unfortunate lovebirds ( they both secretly have feelings for each other) At the end of the book are One Shots! Leave suggestions if you want...

  • The Broken Souls Come Together {Zanvis} (Zane X Travis)
    17.2K 389 29

    Travis and Dante get in some trouble and who does Travis call, well the emo himself;Zane. Zane goes and picks him up and that is where everything gets started. Read to find out the whole story. ~~TRIGGER WARNING NOT FOR PEOPLE WHO CAN'T DEAL WITH BLOOD THERE IS SELF-HARM AND THOUGHTS OF SUICIDE!!! F THIS TRIGGER W...

  • Vagarious (Zane x Travis, MyStreet)
    36.2K 763 10

    Zane suffers from anxiety and panic attacks, no one is aware of his issue other than his friend Travis. Travis begins to help Zane at the best of his ability, Zane appreciates this. WARNING: Contains mature content- It will be tagged. Swearing is expected, you can guess what all the other mature content is.

  • Strange beginnings
    1.4K 58 21

    This is a zane x travis fanfic I apologise if i spell stuff wrong i am terrible at spelling this may have adolt stuff in so yeah

  • Zane x Travis
    3.8K 79 7

    Travis lives on a boat with his friends Aphmau, Kawaii~Chan, Katelyn, Laurance, Dante, and Lucinda. All is well as Travis sits on the edge of the ship late one night as everyone sleeps...that is until he hears a slash from underneath him...

  • Zanvis (Zane x Travis) (Completed)
    36.6K 839 20

    After Zane wasn't seen or heard from in a while, Travis decided to go check to see if he was alright. Zane was far from alright.

  • My Mental Help [Zanvis, Garrance, Vylante FF]
    39.4K 1.5K 57

    ~~ "Are you sure?" "I'm positive. I wouldn't be so sure if it was anyone else." "Alright. I'll trust you." ~~ Warning! This is a book about serious topics including mental disorders such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar disorder, and Obsessive Compulsion Disorder among others. This is a very serious topic...

    Completed   Mature
  • Summer Heat ( Warning Zane x Travis yaoi smut! )
    215K 3.1K 21

    After Travis expresses his feelings for Zane at the beach a long chain of events unfold. Full of sex, swearing and most of all gay, this may just be THE best Zanvis fic that you may ever come across!

  • Operation Zanvis
    775 10 9

    Not finished 🔥 Slow updates📓 I really don't care if you hate🐍 Next chapter out as soon as possible✍️