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  • Trust me?
    113K 2.7K 33

    Summary :BWWM Warning ⚠️ Mature content "How do I know?" "What?" "How do I know you won't hurt me.... I barely know you. How can I know you won't hurt me?" I asked with tears brimming my eyes. Great just cry in front of all beautiful men huh "Trust me?" ************************** She's 18 but she's been through a l...

  • Innocents never wins
    70.7K 1K 13

    Crystal Williams has always lived her life under the watchful eye of her father. she has been so used to following each and every rule her father has for her. one night her father tells her to pick up groceries and that is when she meets him. Max Steel is the well known bad boy around town. he can get any girl he wa...

  • Kidnapped by the Mafia Prince
    1.3M 30.2K 42

    For mature readers does have sex and violence. Pain, betrayal, loss, and love Melanie Renall's is thrown into a world she had never known from the lonely lost one she has lived with here parents for years. Moving around the US as her parents write there lives in different town were no one treats her like a living pers...

    Completed   Mature
  • Finding Her Truth
    566K 7.4K 12

    Aura Calem, a woman who has had it all, from the beautiful looks to the rich husband. Her world has been filled with comfort since she was born, starting her job as a model at the age of three. Her parents didn't love her and it was obvious but she craved their love, to an extent she made some bad decisions. But she f...

  • Having My BOSS'S Baby
    114K 3.6K 23

    When he came to me about having a baby for him and his model girlfriend never did I expect to be in a sticky situation. A situation that put me in a scandal. My first baby was not even mine, how was I supposed to be able to give it up. Through the nights the baby comforted me at night as I lye alone because of a scand...

  • The Billionaire's Mistake (Edited)
    59.7K 1.7K 2

    Cecilia Sanchez had given up everything to be engaged to the love of her life, Joseph Matthews. She had disobeyed her family and left them behind for Joseph. Joseph had been her first everything and the only man who made her feel loved. But how does he repay her? By cheating on her with his assistant. Cecilia had go...

  • His Secret Child {Slow updates}
    25.5K 272 5

    Description inside.

  • My Devious Boss
    76.4K 2.2K 13

    Working for an arrogant and self-conceited boss who happens to be a most eligible bachelor in whole county was never been easy for Josephine West, and especially when she had a secret crush on him. But somehow she has managed to conceal her feelings and emerged out as a perfect Secretary West. Everything goes perfect...

  • Her Gang Life
    459 30 8

    *phone rings* "Hello" "Did you think you could run from me" "...." "I finally found you and you better watch out and take care of those two friends of yours hate to see something happened to them just like what happened before wouldn't want to lose someone else". *calls ends*

  • What You Want | ✔️ (18+)
    32.3M 33K 2

    (STERLING SERIES # 1) - Daphne Dennings thought she could finally tick off "Have sex with a random stranger" on her bucket list. She realized the next morning that it wasn't a one-night stand after all. After meeting that cute guy on the top deck of her cousin's yacht wedding reception at Saint Tropez, Daphne wishes...

  • She's mine, exclusively mine (COMPLETED)(Published Under PSICOM Pub.)
    13.7M 364K 22

    WARNING!!! MATURE content inside for 18 years old and above! If you're an INNOCENT or NOT AN OPEN-MINDED reader, please refrain from reading this story! Carina was always been a shy girl. She doesn't know how to voice out her opinions and always awkward around people. After what happened to her mom, she was left alone...

    Completed   Mature
  • No Taste for Sugar
    337K 10.9K 31

    When starting her new job Alexis Reid had no idea that her new boss was such an ass. He's rich, powerful and sexy as hell but will he tolerate Alex and all of her quirks? Or will she find herself fired quicker then she can drink a cup of coffee? Faced with a number of life changing moments will she read a little too m...

  • The Revenge Wife (COMPLETE)
    5.5M 174K 35

    "Let me put this very clear to you, because it looks like you're not fully understanding. I paid for you to be my wife, meaning as my wife you'll do what I say because I paid for it. You literally sold yourself to me, so now you're mine. Here take your check." He tossed the check to my face, by now I was making the bi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Falling For Mr Billionaire || Book 1 ✔
    3.4M 103K 99

    "LEAVE MY FUCKING HOUSE." Benjamin came in shouting. "Babe, what's wrong." I asked but he just started laughing, I would always joke about saying babe to him. But today his so different. "I TOLD YOU TO FUCKING LEAVE." He shouting again, glaring at me. ------ Sofia Valentines was raped at the age of 13 and she ran away...

    Completed   Mature