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  • UA's Red Hood
    172K 2.5K 12

    Izuku Yagi is a quirkless kid living in a cruel world. Having to fend for himself at a young age he learned that he can become a hero without a quick and the help of his so called "family and friends". "I don't own DC comics or my hero academia"

  • Rwby x Destiny crossover Volume 5
    18.2K 132 20

    Our heroes have made it to Mystral, but, our guardian has unfinished business.The vex must be stopped and to do this,he has to journey into the darkest depths of the vex network. Not to mention the dangers of Mystrol. How will everyone survive?

  • RWBY x Destiny crossover volume 4
    10.9K 101 12

    Beacon has fallen. Our Guardians light, friends and even his Ghost, are gone. He only has one lead to getting some of what he lost back, and that's his greatest threat yet. The Vex. He now ventures with team RNJR to Haven. Will he be able to recover from his loses and move on? (NEW VOLUME OUT!)

  • Rwby x destiny crossover Volume 1
    57.6K 555 10

    Our guardian wakes up to find himself in a strange new world. He has killed gods, kings, and even the darkness's greatest monsters, but how can he survive in a world he knows nothing about? [VOLUME 1 NOW COMPLETE!] [I do not own Rwby or destiny. Rwby belongs to roosterteeth and destiny belongs to bungie]

  • RWBY and Destiny crossover Volume 2 (Currently Being Revised)
    66.5K 143 2

    Being in a different world is one thing, but having a girlfriend in that world is another. Time to have the most interesting life ever. P.S. I do not own RWBY, Destiny the game, the art, or you.

  • RWBY and Destiny crossover Volume 1
    195K 2K 14

    First, you're in a world where you fight aliens on different planets, but then sucked inside a wormhole that carries you to another dimension? That's one crazy life. P.S. I do not own RWBY, Destiny the game, the art, or you.

  • Changes (Discontinued)
    76K 1.4K 16

    Everyone in Unordinary is changing whether it is for good or bad. Blyke is changing his perspective on the low tiers and is trying to be friends with them. Seraphina is trying to be be more than just friends with John. Remi decides to continue the mission to avenge for her brother 's death. Arlo is getting more cons...

  • Unordinary: Joker of the Turf Wars
    16.7K 313 3

    Turf Wars. A battle between The Royals of a school to another. This was supposed to be a secret activity where there are no spectator but only the competitor himself. But rules have changed, instead, it became the main event of the famous Magic School Competition. In this fanfic, Seraphina never lost her ability, but...

  • UnOrdinary Fanfic
    79.9K 1.1K 15

    John reveals his secrete after having seen Seraphina in the infirmary.... Notice: I own nothing. UnOrdinary is owned by Uru-Chan. If you haven't I recommend reading the Webtoon first