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    It is what it is. Yes. ( Art belongs to me, however few characters or more is just from a fanfic & lt; or show & gt; I know and loved.) (& If I loose interest of any fanfic, I apologies.. DONT FORCE ME.&) ( REMEMBER, If Same Fanfic(or Author), Same page. ) ART IS DONE BY ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!

  • My Fanart/Art Book!
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    Where I upload my fanart and original content! Stay safe and have a great day! ~ItzMoChi25❤️

  • Art Book Galore
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    This is mainly for snippets of art I made out of boredom or for contests.

  • WattPearl's 99% Fanart Book
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    I realize most of what I post is just fanart, so... Goal: To inspire you to draw fanart for creators you admire. -- Disclaimer: It's obvious that fanart is made from inspiration, but what I draw is still my own so please refrain from re-posting it. OC's and other claimed property belong to me and no one else. Howeve...