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    yeeet hahahaha Don't worry there be some lemons

  • Only One Left ( Male Human Reader x Splatoon ) (18+, Harem)
    124K 1.1K 15 the last thing I remember. The Internet, the A.I.'s have become self aware and war raged on for almost a decade, the battle of Man and Machine. We were supposed to win the war, but we were led to a trap that ended our forces leaving the rest of humanity defenseless. I was a soldier meant to lead that...

  • Splatoon-Caring an Octoling---The Story Continues (Season 2)
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    (This is a new and better story of Caring an Octoling The Story continues.....)Jack is a Inkling boy who had a horrible past life with his parents.But when the police arrested them,Jen his big sister takes care of Jack and his little brother James.In Octo Valley a Octoling girl name Jackie was sold away from her par...

    Completed   Mature
  • An Octoling Story (splatoon fanfic)
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    hello! Welcome to my Splatoon fanfic. This story contain spoilers of main story and the OctoExpansion dlc of Splatoon 2. If you don't want to get spoiled please don't read. this story is about my oc Melody. You read her story on her life and all. Melody is an kind, curious and loveable octoling ready to help everyo...

  • Splatoon: Rise of the Octarians
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    After Jay defeated DJ Octavio, everything seemed well. But just as Marie suspected, the Octarians are back at it again in this sequel to An Inkpossible Adventure. This story contains spoilers for Splatoon 2's hero mode, so read at your own risk. Go read LEGOMASTER1270's Salmon Run book:

  • [Splatoon] The secret that lays in our hearts
    5.1K 95 16

    Love at first sight. Abbie and Duncan are two Inklings who met in Inkopolis, their friends tease them and go through the struggles of Octo Valley as our heros, Agents 3 and 4. Will they prevail? (Cover image by PurpleYoshi774 (me))

  • The Squid Romance of Red and Callie
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    Art credit goes to @Machoman818 Red is meeting his favorite idol soon to be girlfriend and this is a tale of their love.

  • His smile (Agent 3 x Agent 8)
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    Agents 3 and 8 have just gotten out of deep sea metro and there great friends but a feeling deeper than friendship is bubbling inside both of them will they find a way to make sense of this feeling or go crazy trying

  • Purest Love(Callie And Marie)
    8.9K 105 7

    This is not incest it's just a story I mixed with a little bit of canon and headcanon of how the whole octavio arc happened(it's only a fanfic) nor the end of the world so I hope there may be no arguement or quarrel upon this story. Edit: I was 12 when I wrote this and I thought everything that had two characters inte...

  • Sisters by Name
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    I'm probably gonna lose many fans (if I had any) by writing this, but I just love this ship and need an outlet for my imagination. Just a story with a bunch of fluff and occasional smut of the life of this couple.

  • Love & Responsibility (Pearlina)
    21.9K 623 22

    On her way back from a store, Marina discovered something in a small basket by the Grizzco. She was surprised by such thing and wanted to care for it. This discovery allows the idols to discover new love. sorry for the crappy Summary but I hope you enjoy my first story that actually has a plot to it. All art that has...

  • Did you know you're my hero?
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    Agent 8 was scared of just about everything. Loud noises, sudden movements, anyone significantly bigger than her, any and all ink bombs, anything pointing a weapon at her, C.Q. Cumber, and that was just the tip of the iceberg. Who could blame her really? After what she'd been through? So it's no small surprise when Ag...

  • Sanitizing Catastrophe
    3.9K 58 8

    TarTar built one heck of a Sanatizing bio-weapon. But something/someone messed it up. Now it spreads like some Zombie Virus but he has no control over them! Worse!!! He uses a new way of sanitizing and some of the Squidbeak Splatoon is infected. What will happen as the remainder of them unravel the truth? Who has turn...

  • I'm living with an enemy
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    Agent 4 (male) found a poor octoling that has been traumatised by DJ Octavio. He decided to take her into his own home and make her feel better of herself. He asked help from Pearl and Marina thinking that they might know a few helpful things. As well as asking Agent 8 since she was an octoling herself. This was a su...

  • Splatoon: Light in the Dark
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    Ok so this is a prequel to the splatoon harem, and this will be updated once a month So many questions were asked about Tadayoshi's backstory, and about Alex, well everything will be revealed in the this story The Art belongs to the rightful owners Splatoon is own by Nintendo

  • Blast From The Inky Past
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  • Two Sided Coin | Inkling Boy x Octoling Girl
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    Luke is an inkling who doesn't understand the Inkling VS Octoling war, his life changes when he meets Taylor, an octoling who doesn't understand the war either. Now he has to keep the secret safe, and maybe reveal a special secret, about himself.

  • Splatoon Agent 7
    12.5K 194 20

    A story of the New Squidbeak Splatoon's new recruit, Agent 7 who is a Octarian but something seems off about him. Come and see what this story has in store for you. Splatoon belongs to Nintendo

  • Left Behind
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    Things were not suposed to turn out like this. We were suposed to wake up sooner, not 12,000 years in the future. All I know is that we got to keep moving foward and hope somthing good will come our way. I do not own Splatoon so please don't sue me.

  • OctoSquids (Splatoon story)
    1.4K 45 24

    An offspring has been born from an Octoling father and an Inkling mother. With most of the struggles for the hybrid gone, Plum can now enjoy the art of Turf Wars peacefully with his friends and, potentially, make new ones. This fan story mostly involves the misadventures of Plum and his friends, though in time, it may...

  • Splatoon 3: Extinct No More
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    "The secret is out. Grizzco has been illegally using Golden Salmonoid Eggs and Human Bones in a horrifying experiment to bring them back. Mr. Grizz has denied all the claims, and does not want any interviews." Sean? Yeah, Cama? How is it illegal if there were no laws preventing it in the first place? Uhhh... ...

  • Splatoon: A Whole New World
    2K 27 22

    In the beginning of time humans rules the earth then they died. Squids and Octopuses evolved to take mans place on the planet. But they were In war for a long time. But a new kid dares to even attempt to live on the square with the inklings she fought all those years ago. But In the end her greatest struggle is admitt...

  • Ich bin Agent 7 (Splatoon) Abgeschlossen
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    "Ich bin Agent 7 und werde das beschützen was ich mir erkämpft habe..." Ja hi, das ist meine erste Geschichte hier und hoffe sie wird euch gefallen. Sie spielt nach den Storys von Splatoon und Splatoon 2 so wie der Octo Expansion.

  • Agent 11
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    Part 1: Silica, a 14 year old, teal colored inkling, finds her way to Inkopolis. Her cheery attitude attracted many friends and followers, and a dangerous job, and school brought many surprises and shocking ideas. Looks like Inkopolis isn't nearly as calm as she though it would be! Part 2: Ideas are shifting and rela...

  • Splatoon FF Octo boy x Octo girl
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    Hey ho :) dies hier wird eine FF für meine zwei Kumpels. Die haben sich nämlich eine gewünscht und hier kommt sie jetzt. Es geht um ein Octoling Mädchen was neu in ein Team kommt und da trifft sie ihn dann. Im laufe der Zeit lernen sie sich immer mehr kennen und vielleicht entwickelt sich ja etwas zwischen den beiden...

  • ReaderxSplatoonManga
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    You were a human teenage girl who loved the Splatoon manga ... the next thing you know you become an Inkling! To your absolute delight, you befriend Rider and the Blue Team. It was the best day ever! But... your family and friends back home... you had to get back to them! Your deep feelings for Rider though might just...

  • Marie X Reader
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    You've been best friends with Marie for a long time now. You and Marie were supposed to go to a party together, but then you found out her front door was left open...

  • Shadow in the Glass: a Splatoon 2 Fanfiction
    276 35 24

    Mona is an Octoling who struggles with inner demons - demon, singular. She is forced to listen to her corporal demon whisper in her ear, feeding her doubts and crushing her hopes. And then the Kensa Corporation came along, and ruined everything for everyone. Now, Mona must fight a battle against a rich company with no...

  • Hypnotized
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    Callie's gone missing. Again. But what's strange is that Marie's missing as well. Things get real out-o-of place when the Off The Hook broadcast is a rerun. The thing is, DJ Octavio's been dormant for years. So it couldn't've been him. If not Octavio, then who?