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  • Island boys
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    On the island of Kahului. Kekoa Kelekolio, a sophomore at Maui high school, is one of the youngest students chosen to join the varsity football team. He's one of the most popular kids in his school, which is definitely surprising for his age, but his maturity and exuding confidence fits in perfectly with that of the S...

  • All Grown Up {Cashton}
    84K 3.2K 24

    Ashton, Calum, Michael, and Luke had been best friends since they were in diapers. They all grew up and got new hobbies, and they all changed but never grew apart. They even got new girlfriends all except Calum, because he had eyes for someone else. Ashton.

  • Safezone Three || Lashton✔
    19.2K 918 13

    short story: In which Ashton is a soldier and has been placed in Safezone Three and Luke is a civilian who has strangers living in his home (this story is set during an apocalypse and is based on FTWD but with Lashton in it)

  • The Online Sort Of Love
    198K 8.5K 34

    What happens when you fall in love with someone through the internet?

  • Faking In Love [bxb]
    111K 6.3K 12

    Amir's always been the man with a plan. Efficient and always prepared, he didn't even flinch (much) when his college best friend Sebastian asked him to pretend that they were engaged so that his liberally insane grandfather would let him get a share of the inheritance. He's got a fool-proof game plan on how to prove...

  • The Odd One Out
    95.7K 5.3K 19

    (This is an edited and improved version of the story.) Asian. Insecure. Outcast. Loner. And gay. Combine all these ingredients and you'll get Kim Sung Poh, an Asian teenager facing racists and homophobes in his American school. Throughout the years, Kim has lost his confidence and self-esteem. But when a certain boy c...

  • Magic (boyxboy)
    44.7K 1.9K 6

    One night of rapture led to a lifetime of magic...but not without a few bumps along the way. A retelling of 'Cinderella' for the "Once Upon A Time" contest. • Cover photo is not mine, all rights belong to the owner.

  • The Gangster's Doctor (EDITING)
    2.1M 68.8K 37

    MANXMAN When second in command Amadeo Azarola gets shot twice by a unknown gang named Pilate, the head of the Black Cross gang has to call his younger brother, Leviathan Marc, a surgeon in training, to save his friend. Interest develop and revenge ensues. Not the best description, but not too bad either. :) *Dark Them...

    Completed   Mature
  • Homeless (mxm)
    7.8M 311K 43

    Book 1 HomeLess Book 2 ReckLess Book 3 SenseLess Being homeless isn't the end of the world. At least, that's what Zachary thought when he found himself on the streets after being kicked out at seventeen. It hadn't been his fault. His father had used him as a scapegoat and won his mother over, thinking that her husband...

  • Aaron
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  • Mates ((Slow Updates))
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  • Voices: A Bbangkyu Story
    26.5K 1.3K 24

    Younghoon is cold, unfriendly and seemingly always on the move. No one really knows anything about him and he doesn't seem to open up to anyone. So just how is Changmin (Q) going to deal with him as the newest co-captain of dance group, The Boyz? Can his voice break through the ice in Younghoon's heart and help him fi...

  • LOST ID // bbangkyu
    34.8K 2.3K 32

    In which Changmin loses his student ID and Younghoon happens to find it. ¡¡ under editing ¡¡ started: august 21st 2018 ended: june 24th 2019

  • Top and Tail [boyxboy] [slash]
    8.8M 324K 25

    Forced to share his bed with an attractive stranger, Ash Jamieson suddenly finds himself confronted with feelings he thought he'd repressed. ***** Riddled with adolescent angst, lavished with profanity, and adorned with more cheese than your favouri...

  • Fuck, I Fell For The Bad Boy (BoyxBoy)
    237K 3.4K 9

    Brady Jacobs is new to Newton Lake high but has heard how undeniably, heart wrenchingly, stomach twistingly and death defyingly cliché everything is. So it was no surprise that the bad boy of the school Royce Tracy fell for him. He'd always had a thing about liking "pretty boys" and did his best to stay clear of them...

  • The Two Alphas
    189K 6.7K 21

    Theo Horus is the son of Alpha Reagan. He is the future alpha of the Black Mountains pack, but, his father had other plans for him. After he turned ten and shifted for the first time, his father had beaten him senseless until he was just a bruised up body on the forest floor or in his basement. Now, the beatings turne...

  • 1 Omega 5 Alphas
    55.3K 1K 10

    About an omega who has to live in a house full of 5 alphas...let's see the passionate sciences they'll have

  • My Alpha Mates (boyxboy)
    115K 3.7K 9

    A boy named Justin has been having problems in his life with being gay and the new rouge attacks but all of that is about to change when he meets the alphas of the Red Moon pack.

  • The Great Rouge King (BoyXMan)
    1.1M 37.6K 25

    Rouge's do indeed hunt in packs, live in packs. One pack in particular has a ruthless leader who stops at nothing to get what is his. Many packs with Alphas fear him and do not dare cross his territory. One day, a human trying to escape personal problems stumbles upon the "Great Rouge King's" lair. "Bite me "Mr. Alpha...

  • Red Riding Hood BxM
    1.4M 73.8K 25

    When Jack is blamed for the wolf attacks and becomes the target of his narrow-minded village, he decides to take Fate in his own hands. Hiding beneath his hood, his only hope is finding the Witch of the Wilds...before the wolves find him.

  • Lunar Whispers
    13.5M 609K 89

    COMPLETED (BOOK 5) *Also a stand-alone book!* Jacob had been shy his entire life. He was reserved, had an introverted soul, and struggled to communicate with even those closest to him. Jacob had a deep secret, which made him feel alone and scared, and he considered giving up his battle, until his secret wasn't as priv...

  • Mine (boyxboy werewolf)
    2M 59.1K 40

    Completed   Mature
  • The Class Prince
    12.3M 412K 43

    When Desmond Mellow transfers to an elite all-boys high school, he immediately gets a bad impression of his new deskmate, Ivan Moonrich. Gorgeous, mysterious, and menacing, Ivan is exactly what Desmond doesn't need in his life - or so he thinks... *...

  • Two Birds, One Stone
    687K 41.8K 34

    It's hard to believe that a boy who didn't believe in love and a boy who didn't believe he could love himself would have much to learn from each other. But it would turn out that way, of course; with everything to gain and even more to lose. As it turned out, both Liam and Jamie needed to learn not to trust the dim...

  • Heart of the Sky
    464K 15.2K 34

    Brando Hallward is stuck on a transatlantic flight with his ex when he meets the suave Daxten Lowe. Maybe his luck is about to change. ***** Arriving desperately late for his flight, Brando Hallward discovers it's delayed but still manages to make...

  • HERO - Spideypool [fanfic]
    1.8M 81.3K 39

    (i hope you'll give this a shot despite the cheesy title) Dedicated to my friend Vanya, whom I started this fanfic for ^^ Wade doesn't think he can be saved. Ever since his face got fucked up, he didn't see much beauty left in him. That was until Peter came around, with a determined goal; to be the hero everyone alrea...