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  • Tails (Transformations: Book 1)
    91.8K 3.2K 31

    Aria is a professional mermaid at an aquarium. She wears a fake tail and performs for visitors. All her life, she has been in love with the mythical creatures, but her whole world is turned upside down when they turn out to be more than myths and she gets caught in the middle of feuding cities from deep under the sea.

  • The Scream of a Siren
    18K 546 33

    Rona is an orphan. Other then that she is a normal teenage girl.... Until she meets a strange boy. Will her life ever be the same?

  • How to catch a Merman
    44.7K 1.5K 39

    Alyssa is a fishmonger in the family business but there is a big problem, she hates fish. One day, she has a large catch that could make her like fish after all.

  • Our Fated Tail
    78.7K 3K 32

    "They left me here to die. Chained to a huge rock, dressed in a thin red dress that flowed around my feet." Anilena-Ray Connors was always a good person. But somehow ended up stranded under water, dumped there chained to a rock. As she struggles to free herself, bleeding from trying to rip at the locks, she is spotte...

  • Glass Prison
    609K 25.9K 31

    #1 IN MERFOLK (06.2022) #1 IN MERPEOPLE (07.2022) #1 IN MERS (07.2022) #1 IN FAY (08.2021) #1 IN FAIRIES (10.2021) #1 IN MERMAID (10.2021) #2 IN ROMANCE (10.2022) #3 IN MERMAN (08.2021) WATTY WAITLISTED _____________________________________ "Fairies?" "They're nothing like your human's stories of fairies. They're not...

  • Ocean Eyes
    1M 47K 36

    A merman. A mythical creature. The most handsome of them all. The male equivalent of a mermaid. Aria Davidson wasn't expecting to see one with her own eyes. When the workers from the aquarium that Aria works to find an actual breathing merman, With his compelling eyes and strong frame, She feels a strange pull towa...

  • Drowning(Hiatus)
    41.3K 2K 17

    "It was a starry night. I blinked away the moist blur in my eyes and marveled at the beauty that stretched before me. A small country town away from the noise and hassle of my previous life, a new beginning. Is what I hoped for. But I was far from it, I realized." Chloe Campbell, a twenty one years old arts studen...

  • Waveborn
    200K 14.4K 50

    Cass has no memories of her parents, only impossible dreams of waves and orcas and, sometimes, her mother's voice. When she and her adopted aunt return to the Pacific Northwest island--where her parents died twelve years before--Cass hopes the place will trigger long-buried memories. Instead, she discovers that the im...

  • Dear Tempting
    285K 15.8K 35

    She's been on the run for years now, hunted by her whole society, like and unlike herself, for breaking the most sacred of laws. Hiding among the humans hasn't been exactly difficult, except for the fact that she is very different from everyone around her and they all seem to know it. Reid knows herself to be a monste...