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  • Regrets ; a.i
    257K 8.8K 56

    "The thing I regret most is falling in love when I knew it'd never last" - The tragic love story of a precautious girl and a player; ending only in a series of regrets. [COMPLETED]

    Completed   Mature
  • Tinder ↠ Michael Clifford
    76.7K 2.8K 11

    In which a boy's friend convinces him to find love on tinder.

  • Strangers
    980K 44.8K 98

    "@CharJones: Distance is relative to the time that it takes to get on a plane or make a mistake" The third and final installment of the Friends Trilogy. Lola started off sure of herself and her path in life only to have it all crumbling down when she fell in love. 'Friends' saw Lola struggle with her realisation tha...

  • Acquaintances
    857K 32.7K 67

    Sequel to Friends. Charlotte Jones was hopeless in love, that much was evident. She'd hoped that by ending all ties to the two people she'd only truly cared about but had hurt her repeatedly, that it would all go away- her feelings for them, her pain, her hope that something might eventuate. But it hadn't, she was st...

  • Friends.
    1.7M 52.6K 79

    Charlotte's career came first. It always has. Since she was 16 and one of the most intelligent people of her age group, her goal has always been to be Partner of a high profile law firm. Her goal is finally in sight, it might take a few more years but she's well on her way. Now that career is sorted, time to sort out...

    Completed   Mature