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  • Konosuba x Male Reader (Powerful Male Reader)
    218K 3.1K 23

    Y/N L/N was just an ordinary boy who loves games, anime, memes and such things. You already know what is happening next. This is the story about legendary heroes. "The Supreme Warrior with 10 Powers" from a different world and his amazing party! Enjoy! I do not own Konosuba

  • Love Live!: Perfect Dream Project [PART 1]
    120K 4K 196

    STARSTRUCK, after watching a Joint Live Show performance held by μ's and Aqours, our protagonist Akihiko Suzuki seeks to find the same radiance of School idols from his own school Nijigasaki High School. To find the answer to what exactly makes a School Idol?

  • The Shy Meets The Yanderes (Yandere DXD Harem x Male Shy Reader)
    323K 3K 12

    Disclaimer: I do not own High School DXD Y/n Anders was an very shy boy. He attended Kuoh Academy which turned co-ed a few weeks ago and he thought it will be a perfect idea to overcome his shyness. But unfortunately for our poor boy, he had entered the realm that he'll be in a long but pleasurable and enjoyable rape...

  • I Want To Die, Let's Isekai!
    40.2K 2.3K 87

    "Today will be my final day in this dull world." Our delusional main character wants to die to escape reality! Aoki Kaito, a young Japanese student and also the self-proclaimed number one fan of his favorite anime, "Bane of Tartaros" suddenly started to question his existence and reality itself. Things start to...

    195 6 5

    Galloway Cross is your normal everyday barfly, however he has a secret. He can "Slip" into alternate realites while remaining tethered to his own. He uses this ablity to perform mundane tasks to lay low. One day however, he realizes he is being followed and Slipping won't help him escape this time.....

  • Please Be My Friend {Yunyun X OP! Male! Reader}
    78K 1.1K 9

    She doesn't get enough attention so I made this. KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World! Belongs to Natsumi Akatsuki Completed on October 1, 2019 SC Book # 4

  • Lovestrike: Yandere Azur Lane Fanfiction
    105K 784 22

    It wasn't the sequel we wanted but it wasn't the sequel we deserved... Arthur and Jintsuu are in deep trouble when Enterprise goes insane. With new yandere faces and some familiar ones, will Arthur and Jintsuu survive the Eagle Union and Ironblood factions? Or is it the same route again? I recommend you to read Promi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Promise Rings: Yandere Azur Lane Fanfiction
    189K 1.2K 22

    A wedding ring won't save anyone... Settled was an average high school boy, is experiencing things that caused rough times. People never liking and helping him out at high school, and only a game of Azur Lane can escape the burden he's dealing with. But later on, after he got into Azur Lane and receiving a promise rin...

  • Last Fleet To Command (yandere Azur Lane Girls Harem x Male Commander)
    72.3K 734 14

    Technical prodigy Izigna has proven himself time and time again in creating weapons which often shook the world. After receiving an invitation to run a navy base for a military organisation known as Azur Lane, Izigna now has to build the base from the ground up, trying to survive his own creations affections while he...