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  • d i s c o l o r e d {solangelo fanfiction continuation}
    348 23 2

    Remember when @The_sunniest_angels ended her reign with a single message on her message board? Remember how we thirsted for a single update, just to see how any of the stories finished? Well, kids, I gotchu. I have a job here, and it's to help her to finish her legacy. ~&~&~&~&~&~&~&~&~&~ Will was wallowing in his own...

  • A broken soul- a solangelo fanfiction
    79.9K 1.8K 11

    Nico has never had anyone who cares. They would pretend they do but then leave him and then add to the list of names people have called him. Worthless, waste, dumb. So when will comes Nico isn't used to having the care and doesn't believe will. And he bullies, Cameron and Julius, aren't helping either.I DO NOT OWN ANY...

  • When the Artist Touched the Sun
    32.6K 1.2K 30

    Black as night, his hair. Deep eyes, dusted cocoa. Narrowed, concentrated. His hands, frail, holding the pencil precisely. His walls, up, his head, down. Nico. His hair, yellow as the sun. His eyes held the sky. His hands, holding nothing but his heart, his mind, open. Will.

  • Black and White
    77.2K 3K 36

    Soulmates: the interest of our generation. We live and breath for them, walk and talk about them. It's so exciting finding yours- that moment when the blacks, whites and greys burst into color and you can see them for the first time in a real light. Of course, that part doesn't come until you fall in love with your...

  • I'll Fix You (Nico x Will)
    131K 2.6K 22

    Nico is still trying to recover from his trip to Tartarus. A trip to Hell doesn't leave a person unscathed. There is no one there for him. He is alone. Will sees how broken Nico is. He is determined to protect him, even from himself. He is determined to fix him. (sorry. This summary totally sucks) Disclaimer:...

  • You're Good Luck, Sunshine
    33.3K 1.3K 25

    Nico lived in a small house in a ragged part of town. Will lived in a castle with a crown on his head miles away. Nico had no parents. Wills parents loved him with all their hearts. Nico and Will were polar opposites, so why did they feel a connection?

  • Paper Planes- a sequel
    22.8K 882 23

    SEQUEL TO "SEE MY SHADOWS, I'LL BE YOUR LIGHT" With Nico's condition, Will is certain he has no chance. But sometimes, the worst things happen for the best reasons.

  • Addicted
    14.7K 650 21

    Place: Club. Time: 11:00 PM. Friends? No. Alone. I'm a regular, let me in. The bartender thinks I'm an addict. In a way, he's right. He's just wrong about what I'm addicted to. Or rather, who.

  • See My Shadows, I'll Be Your Light
    79.7K 2.7K 39

    Who had ever hear of a school for demigods? Nico certainly hadn't, or not until he was transferred. And he would have been the loneliest boy there, had the cute boy with the messy blonde hair not taken interest in him. Soon enough Nico finds himself on an adventure unlike he had even known- and he'd been through a...

  • The Perks of Us
    49.8K 1.7K 26

    Nico tried to flatten his rapidly curling hair in the heat. Perks of living in California, he guessed. The walk to the beach was short, and he knew the way even though he almost never went. Hazel walked beside him, her hands in the pockets of her bathing suit cover up, and she smiled softly. Will wiped beads sweat...

  • 3 Days to Fall in Love
    264K 7.4K 34

    The classic 3 days and the same "Doctors orders." Nico hears them every day, until one day, they sound different.