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  • Do As I Say
    2.7K 48 1

    You don't want to get Jimmy mad. Or do you?

    Completed   Mature
  • You Caught Me
    2.5K 48 1

    Jimmy thinks he's alone and decides to let off some steam. He's in for a big surprise.

    Completed   Mature
  • broken promises » j.fallon
    3.2K 245 17

    Even though you left, I can still feel your lips against mine, I can still smell your scent on my sheets, I can still hear your voice whispering that you love me. And even after my tenth shot of vodka I thought you'd be out of my head, but you weren't. * In which a good girl leaves the bad boy with a good heart. ••• C...

  • Diablo [Jimmy Fallon]
    3.8K 90 8

    "Why does it hurts when I think about you?" 37-year-old Jimmy Fallon used to be an ordinary and happily married teacher until he met Carmen, an extraordinary 11th grader. She was the French girl who set his heart aflame from the first day she entered his class, but he was quick to realised that everything was wrong fr...

  • The One ( Jimmy Fallon Fanfic )
    18.8K 679 27

  • Bill Hader Short Stories
    5.5K 39 12

    This'll just be a bunch of short stories relating to Bill Hader. From Stefon to Barry to Willy from the To Do List, maybe you could suggest some things :) Have fun reading it

  • Just A Friend
    2.8K 149 8

    Elenore Hayes joins the SNL team in 2001 as an assistant to Lorne Michaels. Her coworkers want nothing to do with her beyond daily coffee runs except for Jimmy, one of the cast's most enthusiastic actors. He can make any dull moment come to life, and one day, he makes her broken heart do the same.

  • Bill Hader One Shots
    61K 847 13

    Bill Hader oneshots - reader perspective. Fun fact: this is a discontinued series because I no longer want to write about him! I'll leave this up because for some reason I'm scared about deleting it, have a good day!

  • snl cast x reader imagines
    63.8K 615 11

    as much as anyone, i LOVE snl. hmu with requests and ily all <3 requests: open

  • • SNL Gif Imagines •
    285K 5.3K 133

    [COMPLETED] SNL Gif Imagines of old and current cast members!

  • Saturday Night Love
    3.2K 59 7

    Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler fanfic

  • Title In Progress. {Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler}
    9.6K 92 12

    Title in progress | Amy Poehler and Seth Meyers Fanfiction. Seth Meyers wasn't able to resist the urge to kiss his first guest, Amy Poehler, on national television. AU.