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  • Moon Lovers ||NamJin||
    20.2K 2.7K 40

    ❝You didn't understand me, nor did you want to. What I even wanted from you, except you?❞ Torn apart with extortion and misconceptions, amended lies, and repressed feelings, it was that bruised love. Love that was once entombed under indistinctive friendship, adoration, and devotion was now left crumbled, wildered, bu...

  • Kill Me Heal Me ||NamJin||✔️
    123K 13.1K 105

    ❝Kill me heal me but don't let me suffocate; love me, betray me, but don't unlove me.❞ Kim Seokjin, a Hallyu star, is dominating the whole entertainment industry with his acting skills and looks. Due to some uncertain circumstances, the need of a bodyguard for him is inevitable. But the question is, his bodyguard, Kim...

  • Scars ||NamJin||✔️
    238K 16.3K 89

    ❝My soul chose yours, And a soul doesn't just forget that.❞ Forced to work with a transferred officer, Kim Seokjin finds it hard to comprehend his jealousy and hate towards the newly transferred officer, Kim Namjoon. While restraining his feelings, would Seokjin be able to get rid of this dilemma of love and hate at...

  • The King Likes Men
    5.9M 414K 75

    Korea goes into an uproar when its announced that its faceless King, Kim Namjoon, likes men and only men. In an effort to get him married off, his grandmother holds a competition in which the winner will become the King's spouse. Korea's gay men gather to win over the King's heart, but from just one look Namjoon feels...

  • The Blue Orchid✾ NAMJIN✔
    367K 28.8K 38

    Welcome to the BLUE ORCHID House where love is being sold... WARNING!! prostitution BTS_lover02. All rights reserved [Completed] [Unedited]

    Completed   Mature
  • Lovely (K.n.j + K.s.j)
    298K 13.2K 51

    What if a private detective falls in love with Korea's strongest mafia leader? Mafia Leader! Namjoon Private Detective! Jin Credit to whoever made the cover

  • Heartbeat ~ NAMJIN✔
    116K 10.5K 43

    "I choose you. And I'll choose you over and over. Without pause, without a doubt, in a heartbeat I'll keep choosing you.." BTS_LOVER02 All rights reserved ®

  • "Anxiety" | Namjin (Editing)
    836K 43.8K 36

    Social anxiety is the fear of being judged and evaluated negatively by other people, leading to feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, embarrassment, humiliation, and depression. "Please, get away from a person like me" said Jin. "No." Said Namjoon hugging the boy.

  • Symphony of Desires ♕ NAMJIN ✔
    314K 22.6K 33

    ROYALTY AU!! "I want you, so be brave and want me back..." SJ BTS_lover02. All rights reserved [Completed] [Unedited]

    Completed   Mature
  • Arrange Marriage || Namjin (completed)
    744K 33.8K 37

    Seokjin came home from a hectic day just to realized that his parents were marrying him off without any conditions to an heir of a company, kim Namjoon, that he had never seen or personally known in advance. Same with Namjoon, his parents suddenly announced the news which left him in denial. What happens after their...

  • Dire Pinky // Namjin
    121K 9.2K 30

    "I promise I won't kill you." "That's the most unpromising pinky promise I've ever received." Namjin Mafia AU Top|Jin Bottom|Joon ===== Highest Rank: #8 namjin #228 gangs #80 gayaf #18 gangau #14 mafiaau #13 sope #73 yoonseok ===== Published: January 19th, 2020 Completed: April 16th, 2020

    Completed   Mature
  • my heart, my soul » namjin
    138K 7.9K 23

    Seokjin was pure, kind hearted, and intelligent. He was everything a demon like Namjoon craved for, but in a different way.

    Completed   Mature
  • This Isn't Love
    199K 8.4K 47

    Jin and Namjoon have always been seen as the cutest and most loving couple in kpop history. From hugs to kisses people are obsessed with this relationship wishing them the happiest in life. But what happens when the other 5 members find out what happens behind closed doors. ~ Cover by: @BLACKBANGTAN90 ~ Highest Ranki...

    Completed   Mature
  • Broken | Namjin ✔
    184K 8.6K 35

    "What would you do if I said I loved you?" Namjoon suddenly asked and Jin almost spat out the drink in his mouth. "What?" 🔸 Kim Seokjin has been living with his abusive father, ever since his mother passed away 5 years ago. Now, having to look after his 15-year-old brother Taehyung, he has to keep him safe from the h...

  • I still love you ✔|| Namjin ||
    40.6K 1.7K 10

    A very short story in which Jin writes a letter every day to his abusive boyfriend, Namjoon, up until his birthday. This book is made for Jin's birthday Warning ⚠️ This book has sensitive topics such as abuse, toxic relationships and death please avoid this book if such topics are not comfortable for you.

    Completed   Mature
    272K 15.1K 66

    "I said leave me alone." "Nope. Never." Kim Seokjin, South Korea's best cardiologist lands in trouble for saving the life of the most wanted mafia leader. Completed

    Completed   Mature
  • Breathless ◈ Namjin (on hiatus)
    105K 6.8K 18

    ❝No Art of mine will be as beautiful as the one I create on your lips❞ he pulled me closer until his lips breathed me in, until we were sharing one breath. •Knj x Ksj Started: 2017/12/13 Ended: on going Copyright 2017 ⓒ bangtan_satan & BTS_lover02