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  • The Cursed Legacy #1: Ellie Jordan and the Cursed Gem
    344 40 8

    The Cursed Legacy #1. Originally, a single novel called "Sacrifice". *** [COMPLETED] Ellie Jordan is a young, carefree girl, whose only desire in life is to get into the St. Phillips's Academy of Magical Arts, learn all kinds of magical spells, and hop into a guild and have lots of adventures. But, all that changes w...

  • Smallest orphan
    18.3K 524 24

    Bina is a 4-inch 13 year old borrower who lost her parents a long time ago. So where do all children go when they need parents? A foundation. The problem is there are six other BOYS living there also looking for a family. She is accidentally caught by Ace a 16 year old at the house. This is about her adventures in t...

  • Queen of the Night (Book One of the Elementals)
    11K 1K 21

    Ethea has long been plagued by a monster named Fangril, created to force the Elements to coexist. Only the Elementals can stop it, if their unity is unbreakable; none have. Chosen as the Moon, Zelenia sets off on her quest to find her twin, the Sun, and the rest of the Elementals, then together, they can eliminate Fa...

  • The Sound of a Siren's Call
    35.8K 2.4K 73

    When Arriana was born Deaf, it solved more problems than it caused. Unable to hear the call of the sirens who raised her, she never saw a problem. With her father's pirates all fluent in sign, she only ever felt the split of the underwater world of her mother and the pirating one of her father. With a heroic act and...

  • The Perfect Gift
    843 64 13

    This is the story of a faraway land that once had three princess that set on a journey to find the perfect gift for their mother's birthday. But what do you give a women who has everything? During their search, they get lost, fall into danger, and one of them gets captured. With the help of their new friends the two y...

  • Tree of Wishes
    765 204 40

    Would you sacrifice what's precious to you in exchange for power? In the seemingly ordinary city of Gradmid, there is mysterious tree that is said to grant magical abilities to those who present an offering. However, the offering must something of value to the person, and the more valuable the offering is, the more po...

  • Moth
    389K 17.8K 30

    They say the world used to turn. They say that night would follow day in an endless dance. They say that dawn rose, dusk fell, and we worshiped both sun and stars. That was a long time ago. The dance has died. The world has fallen still. We float through the heavens, one half always in light, one half always in shad...