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  • The Hunter In Me
    23.9K 4.1K 48

    Bash and his friends decide to check out an old house that people say is haunted, he's surprised when he finds out it's true. What he learns from the spirit he meets pulls him into a world he knew nothing about. A world where monsters are real, and they look just like us. They don't hide under beds or in dark alleys;...

  • The Stalker [Choose Your Own Adventure]
    19.3K 351 18

    A choose your own adventure filled with exciting adventures and risky decisions!

    Completed   Mature
  • Choose Your Own Adventure: Ice Age
    22.1K 313 15

    You are a kid living in the Ice Age. So many ways to die, few ways to live. Can you make it? Note: This book was published in 2013. I am embarrassed by it all the time, though I refuse to delete it. Because for some reason it got popular. So try to enjoy it I guess? Lol?