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  • Call Of Darkness
    26.2K 1.1K 4

    Empty That's what I felt when Voldemort finally died. All around me everyone was either rejoicing the dark lord's fall or mourning their loved ones but all I felt was a hollow empty abyss where my soul used to be. Once where there was everything Now is nothing. Note - The amazing cover was created by OtakuForLife4545.

  • Please
    24.9K 1.3K 25

    Severus x James background Remus X Sirius What happens when Severus realizes he likes James? Will he let his father's abuse get in the way? Or will they live happily ever after? Mature for physical abuse and language. Physical abuse is in first chapter only, after is healing for a few chapters. Trauma because of abuse.

  • Death's Deal
    783K 19.3K 31

    A Harry Potter Fanfiction After living for over 200 years, and seeing the muggles destroy everything and everyone, Harry James Potter finally gives in to the sweet release of death. In the inbetween, Harry meets many of the greatest witches and wizards. He is told truth, that his loved ones lied and betrayed him in mo...