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  • The Painter's Apprentice
    198K 7.6K 31

    [This story is now FREE] Florette moves to Versailles, only to discover a group of Fae are destroying France. Allying with the battled-scarred Destan, she has to save the kingdom. ***** Florette, a painter's apprentice, is finally welcomed to the pa...

  • Top and Tail [boyxboy] [slash]
    8.9M 328K 25

    Forced to share his bed with an attractive stranger, Ash Jamieson suddenly finds himself confronted with feelings he thought he'd repressed. ***** Riddled with adolescent angst, lavished with profanity, and adorned with more cheese than your favouri...

  • (On Hold) System: C.H.A.O.S. [BL]
    113K 5.7K 11

    Zach lived his life like a normal human would do. Study, work, have a family, provide for said family, grow old, and accept death. He's not sure of what happens after but he knows he tried his best not to have regrets. After his last breath as Zachary Wilson, he breathed his first as another person to create chaos in...

  • Caged
    51.6K 472 7

    Eden has never seen a zoo before. In her world, zoos don't exist. The Anthros do. Anthros are 'human zoos' created by the machines that have taken over Earth, pushing humans into being critically endangered. Humans are hunted for their desirable qualities and put behind the 20mm thick glass for other cybernetic orga...

  • The Otherworlders - The Novel
    351K 212 16

    Teenage Vampyrs, Enchanteds, and Shapeshifters join the Otherworlder Academy to train to fight demons and save the Otherworlder realm. ***** ★ My readers enjoy: Percy Jackson, Harry Potter, Mortal Instruments, Miraculous Ladybug, and Warrior Cats. If you're in one of those fandoms, check out The Otherworlders. You mig...

  • The Breeders
    301K 10.4K 81

    The need for perfection in the populace brought the opportunity of control over the political powers. The population is controlled through enslaved breeders. Young people forced to reproduce and the offspring sold to the highest bidder. Venus was born into this way of life, and it has been a nightmare since she hit...

  • Parallel (A Virtual Gamer's Story) [Vol.1 - Vol.4 Complete]
    1.3M 70K 247

    After being kidnapped and thrown into a VRMMORPG, 17-year-old Suzuki Mato must find the line between his real and in-game personalities before it kills him. ***** Following the death of his popular online persona, seventeen-year-old Suzuki Mato deci...

  • Hades Doctor
    2.4M 106K 65

    She was a piece of Heaven he wanted to own. And he, was the flames of Hell she wanted to tame. "You must be tired." The unparalleled face softens with an indulging smile, and I nod hastily like a chick pecking at grains. My reason, wisdom, and rationality became words of a foreign tongue when the fingers tangled among...

  • Dark Petals (A Hades and Persephone story)
    140K 3.9K 62

    A retelling of the myth of Hades and Persephone -- For as long as Persephone can remember it has always been her and her mother. Until one day, a stranger appears, causing her to have unfamiliar feelings-her world changes when her mother persuades her to go to the Underworld with him. In a place much different than th...

  • The Intellect
    208K 7.9K 53

    Centuries after the Nuclear War, a rebellion is rising and Renna finds herself at the heart of a Civilization hiding many evils. ***** Centuries after the Nuclear War, the Earth is an uninhabitable tundra, leaving the Civilization as the lone island...

  • Human Untouched
    263K 12.2K 56

    The State experiments on Terra, painfully forcing her to grow wings, but when she escapes and joins the Rebellion, they start calling her "The Angel of Death." ***** Terra, like everyone else in Section D, suffers at the whims of "The State," the ty...

    Completed   Mature
  • American Catseye
    7.2K 741 53

    Wattys 2019 Poetry Winner | #1 Epic Poem January 2020 | #1 Epic Poem June 2019 | #1 Americana Nov 2019 & Feb 2021 | Meowza! #1 Animal Fiction Mar 2021 | #1 Animal Fiction August 2021 Seven cats live in Feline Society #337, along with Hooman #1 and Hooman #A. Together, they plan to save Earth from the lizardmen sent b...

  • Historically Inaccurate
    430K 20.7K 30

    WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION When her initiation into her college's History Club goes awry, Sol has to come face to face with Ethan-the cute guy whose house she just broke into. ***** Soledad Gutierrez, or Sol to her friends, decides to join the Histor...

  • Further Into The Future!
    5.4K 358 30

    A science fiction comedy along the lines of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Further Into The Future! is the story of a scientist, Professor John Bedford, who travels from 1949 to 2099 and becomes involved in a power struggle between two American dictators. Hammer, the dictator for thirty years, is overthrown in a co...

  • Angels and Wormholes
    261K 14.2K 53

    A star-faring religious cult has created an army of robotic zealots designed to follow holy scripture. As the robotic menace spreads across the galaxy, it takes prisoners to be 'excommunicated': hooked into a neural simulation of eternal torment. Captain Rolland Barron leads the Sol Federation Starship Excalibur on a...

  • Expiration Date (Books 1 and 2)
    23.7M 1.1M 173

    Now a digital pilot for SYFY The Society knows when we're going to die. They imprint it on our arms at birth. I was supposed to die yesterday. I'm the girl who's Expired. Winner of the 2020 Readers Choice Awards Cover by @Forcade

  • Zodiac Signs
    13.5M 446K 168

    A list of Zodiac Sign Scenarios.

  • Worst Story on Wattpad ✓
    3.2M 197K 4

    Sick of cliché Wattpad books? Then this isn't the book for you. We take every single over-used plot, character and trope on Wattpad - from player-meets-nerd to my-boyfriend-is-a-vampire - and mash it all into one, awful, hilarious parody. NOTE: This is a parody. Characters have not been created to mock a race/nation...

  • The Awesome Adventures of the Google Form Dood
    431 66 3

    You all know who I am. Or do you? If you do, this memoir may serve as an entertaining read. If not, an informational one. (This may serve particularly well for those onlookers wondering who, exactly, Google Form Dood is, and why people seem so curious about them.) You may feel free to scour it for clues, but editi...

  • The Thirteenth Child on The UnNamed Lands of Mount-Helleager
    9.2K 1K 1

    Copyright © 2012 by T Dj. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. No part of this...

  • The Lunar Awards
    7.4K 299 21

    Open for Entries (yes) Open for Judges (yes) Judging (Sorta) Closed (Nope!) Welcome to the Lunar Awards! We hope you enjoy them, this is the first edition of the Lunar Awards! We hope you will like them and submit your amazing stories into it to be judged! This is all just a friendly contest, and we hope you guys subm...

  • Promote your story! [closed ]
    1.7K 103 37

    this is just a book where you can come to promote your stories if you're a beginner and want your work to be seen!

  • Book Name Ideas
    3.8M 51.1K 116

    I have come up with ideas for book names for anybody Over 2000 book names ideas. Started 2013, still ongoing! Reached #5 in category of random 22/03/17 #1 for #helpful 16/05/18 & 24/10/21 #1 for #booknames 16/09/18 & 24/10/21 #1 for #names 16/09/18

  • Why Can't I Sleep?
    1.3K 408 24

    It's about a young man,Mike who can't sleep and is trying to find out why. It takes a long time for him to figure it out and the result will surprise you. It is something different, better yet unique. The story makes funny of how we use technology and mass media and how they effect us as well. Its also important to m...

  • Storm and Silence
    112M 5M 102

    "It is your choice," he said, stepping so close to me that our lips were almost touching. "Either do what I say - or get another job." My heart stood still as I gazed up into his deep, dark, dangerous eyes... In a world where women's only role in life is to sit at home and look pretty, Lilly is determined to f...

  • Wild (Book 2, the Feral Series)
    90K 7.1K 31

    With a new name and new life, Nathan must learn to fit in at an Academy of the Feral Investigation Bureau, or risk being sent back to prison. ***** Escaping prison was only the beginning for inmate C41. Now on the run and going by Nathan, he's enrol...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Alpha's Little Witch | Completed ✔️
    14.2M 614K 65

    An Alpha and a witch, one cruel, one kind. Who will win and who will lose in this mateship? Will they come out of it hand-in-hand or part ways when the truth is revealed?

    Completed   Mature
    35.7K 1.6K 23

    # 🏆First position in The blue rose awards for mystery/ thriller. This is not a fairy tale of or a lovely romantic story. it's a story which most of the girls have faced in their life but some go through worse pain. The incident which has passed but the wound always remains fresh. this is the story of Alice Watson who...

  • Meet Waffle 📱🥞
    11.2K 1.9K 57

    Meet Waffle, a charging device that looks like a waffle and sticks to the back of your phone or tablet like glue. Waffle can be bought from almost anywhere get yours today. So what does Waffle have to do with Victoria a sweet but naive online news article writer and Katherine the CEO of a successful technology company...

  • Rise of The Conquest
    25.1K 14.4K 15

    When his daughter and son-in-law are brutally murdered, Master Zo vows to do anything to keep his grandson, Spark, safe. He teaches Spark how to fight, defend himself, and helps him increase his stamina, speed, and agility. When another child, Ace, falls from the sky, he joins in this regime and the two become brother...