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  • The Beast Within (Coming Soon)
    200 11 2

    Kostas Sebastian Caldwell lives a seemingly perfect life; he's handsome, intelligent, and ridiculously wealthy. Men envy him. Women want him. But Kostas? He doesn't give a shit about any of that. What outsiders don't know is that Kostas completely detests himself, along with his supernatural abilities. The werewolf's...

  • Her New Daddy | Book 1 (Sample, Complete)
    338K 227 12

    Kaden's marriage to Evangeline Knight is nothing more than a business arrangement. However, instead of remaining professional about it, Kaden does the opposite and ends up falling hard and falling fast for his sultry new step-daughter, Amabella. // The YES, DADDY Series consists of three books: Book 1, Her New Daddy:...

  • Party of Three | MMF (Complete)
    75.4K 3.3K 35

    Nichole Richards is currently living her best life. She's single and mingling, has an amazing group of friends, and business is booming for her bakery business. Things only take a turn for the worst after she discovers that someone from her past has recently been released early from prison... and she's on their hit l...

    Completed   Mature
  • Text Me, Baby | A Social Media AU (Complete)
    279K 12.7K 184

    Text Me, Baby || A Social Media AU / Multimedia Story || FanboyxCelebrity ~ - - ‪Andi, a socially awkward college student by day and certified sad boy by night, is crushing hard on the talented and mysterious instagram artist known only as losartslapsss, aka K. After being hounded by his management team for not int...

  • The Bodyguard
    7M 232K 51

    Playboy billionaire Aiden Grayson is being blackmailed and when he meets his handsome new bodyguard, Julian, he's slowly overcome by feelings he can't deny. ***** Aiden Grayson is a child of privilege. He's a bachelor and a billionaire who's never h...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Love So Wicked | Book 1 (Complete)
    11.5K 850 51

    Thanks to a dare gone wrong, Maggie Brumfield finds out the hard way that Heaven and Hell are real. Prince Laudon, Lucifer's son and the current ruler of Hell, has locked Maggie into a sinister deal that grants him temporary ownership of her soul. With no other choice but to play nice with Lucifer's handsome spawn, M...

  • Perfect Enough | Social Media, LGBT
    562K 3.8K 8

    Twenty-two-year-old Joshua Jones doesn't have much going for him. He's a shy, soft-spoken introvert who, for years, has had a massive crush on the popular fitness YouTuber, Rory Carter, who just so happens to frequent the grocery store where Joshua works. Joshua always assumed that Rory was straight... until one night...

  • Sinning With Master | LGBT (Sample, Complete)
    2.6K 148 13

    Available In Full On The Radish App (link in bio). . . . Lucas Jordan is a wild child. He's a free-spirited extrovert who likes to party and have a good time. When he's invited to visit The Sinner's Playground, an exclusive underground BDSM club, of course, Lucas shows up to see if it's worth the hype. Enter Mi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cheating With The Billionaire (Complete)
    12.7K 524 29

    Cheating With The Billionaire | Previously Titled HER NEW DADDY | Completed March 2022 . . . The man that I'm falling for is a man that I shouldn't want. The odds are stacked against us, and I shouldn't get involved with the arrogant bastard. I shouldn't want to submit to him. And I definitely shouldn't fantasi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Save Me | A CEO Romance (2012)
    2.2M 11K 10

    Not many have had to undergo the various struggles that twenty-one-year-old Sierra Thompson has had to endure. Left to care for her younger sister after the tragic death of their parents, all while juggling college and a minimum wage job, Sierra is merely existing rather than living life to the fullest like her caref...

  • Claimed by The Beast (Biker Romance, LGBT)
    4.1K 351 8

    Young and naïve, Everett's preference for bad boys lands him under the protection of a handsome biker named Knox, aka The Beast. When a dangerous new attraction blossoms, will the two live long enough to explore it? *** Everett Robinson is a fun-loving twenty-something who's a year away from graduatin...