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    When the war started. We helped. We fought. Soon the humans were gone. Wiped out by us. But not before making a weapon that doomed us long after they disappeared. They invented 'Pithrax'. It killed most of us. The few that survived were hunted down, taken control of, passed around like property. Now we run, hiding in...

    Completed   Mature
  • Earned It ( Interracial BoyxBoy )
    339K 11.7K 40

    Dustin Bradley is a 16 year old boy moving from L.A to New York. It will be hard for his 2 years not just because he is white. It's Because he WHITE & GAY. He has a dream of becoming a Youtube Star. He really praying to make new friends when coming to High School. Tyrone Maxwell is a 17 year old Drug Lord...Niggas w...

  • The Thug Next Door!
    424K 14.4K 24

    Deejay is a gay black boy. If you cant tell by the way he shows off his bubble butt in jeans or the way he walks, talks, even laugh. However, its the summer before Senior year when things get steamy and crazy. He gets this volunteering job in California at a Hospital and he have to move in with his grandmother in the...

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  • Take Me
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    Read to find out

  • Lil Papi | itzzzstoryzzz
    158K 4.9K 36

    Ka-sai moves to a new school, and falls for the big man on campus, Azari. Little did he know having the title of being his 'lil papi' would come with all the drama that it actually does.

  • Trap Kween (Boyxboy)
    130K 4.2K 25

    They say opposites attract, but is it really true? And when you meet the one you've been waiting for, is it just rainbows and sunshine from there on? NO. But 18 year old Alonzo would like to think so. Alonzo has his whole life ahead of him, college, his father's multi-million dollar company he's gonna have to take ove...

  • ※ I'm His ※
    314K 10K 28

    (Boyxboy) All Daniel Sanchez wanted to do was survive high. Juggling AP classes, Honors Society, and his insecurities. He doesn't want to think about love, not like he even has the time for it. But, when he gets the chance to tutor the sexiest guy in school, he'll change his life forever. *****READ AT YOUR OWN RI...

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  • What Happened to the Bad Boy? (What Happened Series #1) *completed*
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    "You are crossing the line Legar." He hissed as I starred at him. His hand still held my waist while the other pressed my neck into the wall. "I havent crossed a line I've made a new one and you just so happen to be past it." I said and he glarred. "You have know idea what my life is like." He said. "So show me." I sa...

    Completed   Mature
  • ∞ Forever Yours ∞
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    ✌︎ Fast-forward 6 years from Zaire's senior year, we know look in depth of the lives of Daniel, Amrielle, Jermaine, and Zaire. Daniel is now studying to become a registered nurse, Amrielle is in Law school, Jermaine is training to become a physical therapist in the NFl, and Zaire is a certified personal trainer ✌︎Now...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unpredictable Match 2
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    Husband is in prison. Raising two kids on his own. Dealing with loneliness. Dealing with his job. How much can one take? Cameron Alono Jackson was happy- fifteen years ago that is, when he was with his husband and their two kids. That is up until the police caught up to Anthony D'arell Jackson and took him away for...

  • Unpredictable Match (Interracial boyXboy)(Mpreg)
    2.4M 87.5K 80

    Disclaimer: This story is an mPreg story Cameron Alono Smiths is an innocent, sensitive 16 year old boy from L.A . After living in L.A his whole life, his dad gets a new job out in Brooklyn, New York and they have no choice but to move since things are getting hard. Cameron is scared because all he knows is L.A and w...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Best Friend's Brother
    848K 18K 32

    Vanessa Carson never really had much luck when it came to romance. She needed to get away from life and thanks to her best friend Riley she was heading to Spain for a week. But what was supposed to be a relaxing and fun holiday, turns into one full of sexual tension and feelings that she had never really felt before...

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