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  • Parade of a Thousand Birds
    179K 9.8K 33

    First fanfiction that I ever written so sorry if it absolutely sucks!please tell me what you think and please vote if you like it :) What if Bruce Wayne did not adopt young Richard after the demise of his family. Instead he was taken into the League Of Shadows. Trained as an assassin for 3 years before running away...

  • Secret Identity (A Young justice Fanfiction)
    171K 6.6K 19

    After the Death of the Flying Graysons, Richard Grayson is missing. Batman goes to investigate Tony Zucco and meets a young vigilante going by, Robin. Batman and Robin team up many times over the years, but they never tell each other their identities. All is well until the League decides to form a team of sidekicks. (...

  • Meetings
    3.2K 240 1

    The four times Nico Di Angelo meets Jason Todd accidentally and one time he met him on purpose. I swear. These two are meant to meet. I love writing them. WARNING: Cursing is represented, but not written. This is just a drabble.