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  • Home Run! ⚾ [Re-Editing]
    27.5K 527 8

    You hit a home run into their hearts! [Diamond no Ace x Reader] I do not own Diamond no Ace. I only own the plot of these stories.

  • Diamond no ace one-shots book! [Completed]
    42.2K 946 9

    Your favorite baseball players in a x reader book! I DO NOT OWN DIAMOND NO ACE!! iAyumi

  • Ace Of Hearts (Ace Of Diamond x reader Love Story)
    17.4K 391 9

    Imagine this: Your father, a baseball fanatic who believes in success without failure. Then there is you, someone who would rather just sleep then actually do something that day. When you mix these two together what you get is an unmotivated baseball player who has to cross dress in her new high school. Perhaps if you...

  • Ace of Diamond X Reader
    396K 12.1K 200

    Diamond no ace X Reader Title says it all