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  • K/DA: Fortunate (KDA x Malereader)
    81K 3.3K 24

    Note: This is a K/DA x male reader Summery/Description: Due to a series of unfortunate events, some would call bad luck, 23 year old (Y/n) ends up in a situation that turns his life upside down. In a world filled with people with powers, he's apart of the unlucky few who have been deemed powerless.

  • The Izuku S.T.R.I.K.E Force Season 1
    14.7K 206 27

    What do you do when the evil version of you want's to rule the multiverse?You form a team of the good versions and STRIKE BACK!! JOIN Izuku midoriya and his team of himself as they balance training,school, and saving the dekuverse from total conquering.

  • My Hero Academia: Izuku Midoriya's Journey- Cultural Festival
    69.3K 698 10

    Its Christmas Eve, and Izuku and Friends React to how Midoriya saved the Cultural Festival

  • My Hero: DxD
    45.4K 756 7

    Angels, demons, ghouls, myths, and humans all live together. Humans were the weakest race of all the living creatures so God gave them the ability of quirks. Heroes arose from times of crisis to stand in the arena. Izuku Midoriya was born quirkless, instead he has been bestowed with the affinity of a dragon and the le...

  • There voice [Izuku x Jirou]
    74.7K 976 5

    I know some of you have been waiting for this so here you go!

  • Something to Believe in (Depressed Izuku Midoriya x Kyouka Jirou)(BNHA/MHA)
    20.8K 212 3

    Kyouka and Izuku are friends, not close friends but they consider each other friends. But when she catches him in the midst of a mental/emotional breakdown and learns about his secret talent she begins to re-evaluate how she sees the green headed boy but she's not the only one that's re-evaluating their relationship. ...

  • The Duet (Izuku x Jiro)
    163K 2.1K 35

    Story of how Izuku and Jiro fell in love in UA. I think Jiro is best girl. This story takes after the tournament arc. Warning: This story might contain some sexual content in the future. Lemon? Possibly I DO NOT OWN My Hero Academia.

    Completed   Mature
  • Black Ops Izuku
    150K 1.9K 18

    Inko sold Izuku to a government official after learning he was quirkless. But things didn't go her way and she didn't get any money and her son was taken away. So all that Izuku saw was his mom giving him up. "he's useless anyway so go ahead and take him" those words drove him and he never gave up. Not until he could...

  • My Heroz Academia (Izuku X Jirou)
    55.3K 817 18

    what happpens when Izuku learns about jirou's singing secret and decides to form a band in U.A.? only the best band in hero history! and the name of the band? HEROZ!!

  • Flaming love ( Midoriya x fem Todoroki )
    46.2K 482 5

    During some acciden Todoroki turns into a girl and fell in love for deku !!!

  • To Be A Hero
    296K 5.7K 84

    (STORY CURRENTLY BEING RETYPED!! Figure out which chapters are retyped based on the titles.) Izuku Midoriya wanted to be a hero, that's all he wanted. Even if he didn't have a quirk, even if the whole world seemed against him, this was the dream he chose but seemed so far from his reach. However, this all changed from...

  • Deku: The Golden Saiyan Hero of Hope
    206K 3.6K 31

    In a Superhuman society, where Izuku Midoriya is Quirkless, he is seen as worthless and a social outcast. But one day he wakes up with a brown... monkey tail? Izuku believes this new power is a Quirk, but in reality, it is not a Quirk at all, but it is a power that will allow him to become the Greatest Hero Of All Tim...

  • A Genderbent Universe?! - BNHA
    180K 1.6K 16

    (Whole story inspired by others. None of this is my idea, it's all by other books I've read.) In another universe, women are the dominant gender on Earth. Only ones with quirks, only ones with power. In our universe, all is presumably equal. While out on a mission, Izuku gets swallowed by a white beam of light and mee...

  • An Unconventional Hero (Old Version)
    460K 4.1K 17

    (A new version of this story is being made) Izuku Aizawa was a quirkless boy in a world ruled by women who possessed incredible superpowers. But when he develops an ability of his own and takes the world by storm, how will it all go down? (I do not own My Hero Academia or any other crossovers I might use.) (Everything...

  • The unexpected couple (izuku x yaoyorozu)
    181K 2.1K 13

    Izuku and ochako have been dating for five months when she is caught cheating on him. This and other events make izuku very... Sad. But it gets better when momo helps him and they fall in love.

  • ❤Fire and ice 💙
    22.4K 165 5

    Umm.. Hi?

  • Class Crossover!
    11.1K 176 6

    While the UA teachers were discussing the details for the End of Term exams, Midnight had the brilliant idea of doing both 1A and 1B practical tests at the same time, effectively screwing with most of the students' plans for the exams. In the midst of it all, a fateful bathroom break creates a team which would undoubt...

  • My Love For Music Is At 100% (A JiroXMidoriya FanFic)
    285K 4.2K 39

    *The art is made by hosimorii on twitter* Life in U.A. High School is hard for one Jiro Kyoka. She couldn't show her love for music to her classmates, as none of them have any interest. With all of the training, villains attacking, and studying, she has no time. But that changed one day, a day that will change her lif...

  • Hot Under the Collar
    109K 1.6K 9

    Being invited to have dinner with Endeavor and Shoto, Izuku never thought that he'd meet the love of his life there. Unfortunately for him, it just so happens to be Endeavor's daughter Fuyumi Todoroki. But the biggest obstacle towards their relationship is their own inability to communicate. A story by Yojimbra on Ao3

  • My Icy-Hot romance
    174K 3K 11

    (Izuku x Fuyumi Todoroki fanfic) Fuyumi falls in love with a younger guy after he saves her from danger her mind is filled with his comforting smile I don't own bnha or it's characters all credit goes to it's respective Creators.

    Completed   Mature
  • An Insecure Violet (IzuJirou)
    240K 5.7K 30

    Kyouka is acting frustrated and distant, and Izuku's not sure what it's all about. He goes to his girlfriend to sort out the issue, and answer a question that he thinks the answer should be obvious. Afterwards, their full journey together is explored from their first meeting and beyond.

  • Summers romance
    216K 3.3K 15

    Izuku discovered that his girlfriend Ochako Uraraka's purity was taken by none other than Katsuki bakugou. Will he move on or stay focused on Ochako

    Completed   Mature
  • Special follower oneshots
    78.8K 757 10

    special OneShots as a thanks to my followers

  • Jack And Her Green Muse
    122K 2K 21

    Izuku Midoriya and Kyoka Jirou don't have much in common aside from being classmates at UA. Jirou happens upon Izuku suffering from his mental scars in the midst of lyricist's block and he opens up to her. They quickly develop a friendship, teaching each other things, but it's just a classmate being a Good Samaritan...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Giant Crush
    315K 5.3K 17

    Yu Takeyama has been a pro for a few months but during her time as a pro she's been reprimanded for causing property damage. To make matters worse she gets dumped by her boyfriend she begins to think about quitting the hero world until she meets a green haired young man who changes her life for the better. (A/N: All a...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Song Of Destruction (Izuku Midoriya x Kyoka Jiro)
    105K 1.1K 11

    Izuku Midoriya is a hero in training. But he has always wanted to sing. One day while attempting to sing, a certain Earphone Jack user heard him sing. Join them as their love grows greater with every day. Watch or uh read as their family grows. *Cough* CRINGE

    Completed   Mature
  • The creative songbird
    176K 3.1K 16

    After izuku discovers a disturbing secret about the girl he's in love with he feels broken. it isn't until he meets a new friend at a job that aizawa helped him get. this new friend of izuku's helps him realize an important lesson and that lesson is there are plenty of fish in the sea

    Completed   Mature
  • Mature yet Young
    90.6K 1.6K 13

    After the events of the summer camp and with the rescue of Bakugo. Sosaki Shino or better known as Pro-Hero Mandalay is facing a conflict of the safety of her nephew which only Izuku can solve. Giving the time and patience Shino will recognize Midoriya for the kind hearted character she beloved him by.

    Completed   Mature