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  • The Masked Vigilante (MHA/BNHA)
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    Neither the plot nor the art (unless specifically stated) belongs to me. I recieved permission from the original creator of this plot that made its debut via TikTok. @mystikfire @ark_cosplays ^^^^^^^^^^^Give these two a follow on TikTok for their cosplay!

  • His Secret - MHA AND TPN AU
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    ------------ Date Started: 1/26/21 Date Ended: 4/26/21 Date Most Recently Edited: 7/12/22 ------------ "So.... It really is you...." The stranger looked him in the face. "Great to see you again Izuku...." ------------ What could have happened if Izuku was adopted? What if his secret was revealed to his class of 1-A? W...

  • Rejection Hinata
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    KageHina fic This fic contains: Yaoi (Boys' Love or BoyxBoy) Language Sexual Parts Homophobia some chapters may not be long sooo... yea