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  • SnowBarry Memory Unlocked
    69.1K 1.9K 67

    Team Flash is working on something they haven't seen before. Werid things been happening and Barry is determined to find out what. But has he come too close to this? When the chase and Barry comes close to finding out the truth, something tragic happens and Team Flash to find a new way to find the solution. It be...

  • Reunited From The Past | Snowbarry (Discontinued)
    12.6K 536 46

    I wrote this when I was thirteen so I'm sorry for how crappy this story is😭😂 There's more characters added and more story involved to have more action in it, enjoy?😂

  • I I want you
    2.6K 131 40

    Caitlin is being denied her rights for a man. What will happen now?

  • The Fastest Man Alive: The Flash by Alex
    9.4K 218 12

    How I would like The Flash continued after Zoom kidnapped Caitlin. Credits to the numerous works and authors that I have read.

  • Snowbarry One-shots
    17.9K 445 15

    Barry, Caitlin and one-shots.

  • The Runaway Bride
    917 38 6

    Ever since she was a little kid, Caitlin Snow has always been inspired to dream big. She had quite a long list of what she desires to become and now that she had achieved most of it - graduating on top of her class, becoming a bio-engineer and working her dream job at S.T.A.R Labs, she felt like she had achieved it al...

  • The Story of Snowbarry/FlashFrost
    1.9K 58 9

    Not good at summary's all you need to know is that is a snowbarry and flashfrost story. I do not own these characters they are a product of the cw and dc comics.

  • team star labs ✨
    66 2 1

    years after the particle accelerator, crisis, and every other crazy events of Central City, Caitlin and Barry's children are the future of Team Flash, and the family with the help of their friends must figure out how to take down a former villains own son.

  • Snowbarry Christmas one shots
    2.9K 111 5

    There's going to be alot of AUs and some loosely based on the show. I hope you enjoy them.

  • Stronger Together [Book 1]
    8.7K 109 35

    When Barry Allen gets Struck by lightning, he wakes up nine months later, to find he is faster than the speed of sound, he also wakes up to find he's not the only one, Daniella Ramon, sister of Cisco Ramon who's car was struck by lightning which caused her to become the fastest woman alive, they will have to stand and...

  • The Flash: Season 4 by Alex
    2K 58 7

    How I would like season 4 to occurred. Barry's time in the Speed Force help him see a lot of things from different angles. One day a mysterious speedsters, appeared from the future, and bring very bad news. Credits to the numerous works and authors that I have read. (P.S. If you Iris West fan (especially from season 3...

  • Happiness vs Love(Barry×Caitlin)
    2.4K 60 31

    The story about Barry and Caitlin, a perfectly imperfect relationship. Having lots of challenges in their relationship but overcoming it together through the power of their love... P.S (Caitlin in this story is younger because I liked the idea of changing her character up a bit. I mixed up a few plots from the Flash t...

  • Tempatation is a Naughty Freind (Snowbarry)
    1.6K 55 7

    Barry Allen and Caitlin Snow have known each other since barry was eleven and caitlin was twelve years old. Ever since that faithful night fifteen years ago when barry and caitlin were having a sleepover and saw the soon to be known reverse flash kill barry's mother who just happens to be caitlin's mother as well. She...

  • Collision
    1.7K 147 34

    What happens when a face from Barry past renters his life?

  • Tales Of The Flash (Snowbarry)
    1.2K 41 6

    When Krypton is on the verge of destruction, Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van send their children Kal-El and Bar-El to the planet earth. Along with them, comes their cousin, Kara Zor-El. Kal-El safely gets off the atmosphere but the destruction of Krypton sends a wave towards Bar's and Kara's pod and they get stuck in the Phan...

  • ❄️⚡️Darkness In Us All
    35.4K 462 16

    When Caitlin turns into killer frost and Team Flash leaves him Barry does everything he can to get Caitlin back, to tell her how much he loves her and needs her. Will Barry get that chance? Will Caitlin and Barry fall in love? Will they let the darkness in? Read 'Darkness in us all' to find out. (By the way in this H...

  • Alternate Life (Snowbarry AU)
    487 15 3

    After Caitlin Snow died in his arms, Barry couldn't see the point of living. More than that, the words she said while taking her last breath was enough to change everything. Barry had enough of losing people he loves, so he ran. He ran and travelled back in time to save his mom. He knew his life wouldn't be the same b...

  • Snowbarry ~ Speed Freeze
    909 25 6

    Eddie just died and Iris wants to be with Barry. But Barry is intrested in someone else Meanwhile the villans have a different plan....... Dont forget to comment and vote. Special thanks to my big bro for helping me write the fighting scenes

  • Barry gone bad
    1.6K 44 6

    Barry not being able to cope with him not being able to get the love of his life back turns to a new life. A life of crime and pain. Maybe even a new love.

  • A snowbarry baby (Flash x Glee)
    137 3 1

    Barry and Caitlin met in high school and met again after the Particle accelerator but Barry finds out about Caitlin's little secret. What is the secret. What will happen. Does Cisco ship it. Read to find out.

  • 𝐌𝐎𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐓𝐒 ˢⁿᵒʷᵇᵃʳʳʸ!
    6.3K 198 15

    ❝ you know i'll be your life, your voice, your reason to be ❞ ♕♕♕ one-shots of the couple the CW robbed us off :")

  • Jar of Au's || Snowbarry
    322 12 3

    some snowbarry (or other ships but still connected to snowbarry) one-shots that pops up in my head. Feel free to give suggestions. warning: all is raw, it may take some time to edit

  • From friends to Lovers (Snowbarry)
    952 22 13

    My story will be about Snowbarry about how they first meet&Feel in Love❤️

    2.6K 82 17

    Caitlin is left alone with her child after her husband Ronnie dies, Caitlin is unhappy until she shes Barry but unexpectedly someone falls in love with Barry. who is the mystery girl? will Caitlin and Barry become close? Who is Emily's father? Will the truth come out? All characters owned by the cw I own Emily snow

  • Earth 2 Frost and Earth 1 Barry Allen one-shots.
    3.8K 109 38

    Random one-shots about Earth 2 killer frost and earth 1 Barry Allen.

  • Arrowverse Writing Prompts
    259 12 1

    Just some ideas i have and feel like sharing because i know a talented writer might read this a create a really good story

  • Snowbarry One Shots II
    3.8K 223 17

    As you may have noticed, I love writing stories about the "Snowbarry" couple. Well, this story is a little different from what I usually write. This time, I thought instead of writing a complete story, I will write several one shots about this couple. The one shots may be of romantic content or just of friendship. And...

  • Snowbarry One-Shots
    425 5 3

    Just a bunch of Snowbarry one-shots.

  • Start of Snowbarry
    11.7K 341 7

    I'm not actually sure where I'm going with this but it has MAJOR SNOWBARRY and is definitely not for westallen fans or Iris lovers. may include some WestThawne and hints of OLICITY cause who can resist? Basically it starts with Barry finding out about Caitlin and Everyman. I always found that to be a major plot hole f...

  • Snowbarry One Shot 💗💗
    14.4K 408 17

    [HIGHEST RANK #837 in fanfiction 🎀-1/nov/17] savitar killed iris , barry couldnt save her .. but he has promised himself that he will avenge her death ... few months later barry and the team finally get rid of savitar and trap him in the speed force with the philosophers stone ... for good , but in the process the...