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  • Drive
    3.2M 89.9K 85

    Drive is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. He's an arrogant race car driver with an attitude. She's a stubborn tire mechanic out to prove herself in a man's world. When sparks fly, will their passion make it to the finish lin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ties That Bind Us (EBOOK PUBLISHED)
    6.4M 168K 45

    It was one night. No names no feelings. But nothing is that simple when the impossibly hot stranger Ava encounters is heir to the Caponelli mafia... ***** Ava Moretti is a mafia princess with a fiery personality and an aversion to doing what she's told. Nick Caponelli is next-in-line to lead the Caponelli mafia - an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tempting Fate
    120K 5.7K 36

    When a young warrior-turned-spy finds a rare magic wielder her people thought extinct, she must make a decision: stay loyal to those she loves, or return to her people as a hero. Season 2 of The Fated Series *** Secrets have been Brynn Alburn's companions since the moment her people left her for dead on the shores of...

  • The Scholar and the Star
    24.1K 667 25

    Season 1 of The Scholar and the Star Professor Skyler Collins is desperately trying to avoid another blind date set up by his overbearing mother, socialite Lily Collins, so he finds someone she'll hate. Enter Mitch Wild: Hollywood's golden boy and his mother's top nemesis. As longtime gym buddies, Mitch is happy to e...

  • Hot for the Nanny
    117K 3.3K 29

    A single father firefighter falls for his younger, free-spirit nanny, who is also his boss's daughter. Season 2 of Station 22 *** When firefighter Riggs learns he has a daughter he never knew existed from a forgettable one-night stand years ago, he becomes a single father overnight. Exhausted and fumbling through new...

  • Taming the Playboy Boss
    99.3K 2.6K 40

    After embellishing her resume, Valerie-a single mom-lands a job as an administrative assistant to the hottest, most entitled and obnoxious man she's ever met: Preston Cartwright, the CFO of the prestigious Cartwright & Sons Enterprises. Several years her junior, Preston is used to working hard, playing harder, and an...

  • The Hookup Pact
    359K 9.1K 39

    When Evelyn and her long-term enemy, star hockey captain Atlas, are forced to work together on a university media project, sparks fly as resisting their attraction becomes a far bigger challenge than their opposing opinions. Season 1 of The Hookup Pact ***** Evelyn Hayes has hated Atlas Griffin, the golden boy of the...

  • EVE
    7.3M 218K 54

    As a weak and powerless human, Eve was never meant to survive. Through a series of miracles, she finds herself taken in by werewolves. But she doesn't realize her true power - not until destiny calls and she is faced with two choices: run, or fight to save her pack against the darkest magic. ...

  • The Billionaire's Sweet Trouble
    2.1M 133K 91

    After a hot-headed playboy billionaire stands her up for a career-making interview, blogger Sweet vows to ruin his reputation. The only catch? It requires her to strike a fake-dating deal with the enemy. Season 1 of The Billionaire's Sweet Trouble *** When sensational blogger and small-town farmer's daughter Sweet Tr...

    Completed   Mature
  • Professional Restraint
    642K 17.2K 35

    When a young data scientist unexpectedly steals the heart of a highly sought after executive, the passion between them could lead her into a whole new world of sexual expression. Season 1 of Professional Restraint *** After a string of one-sided relationships left her feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied, Ella put her...

  • Made For You
    176K 4.4K 24

    After being forced to replace her sister as the bride of a mafia don, twenty-two-year-old Sofia must deal with the ruthlessness of the mafia world while battling her feelings for her new fiancé. Season 1 of Possession *** The daughter of a crime lord, Sofia just wants to be left alone to mourn the death of her first l...

  • Surprised Ever After
    39.2K 823 29

    Season 5 of Let Life Surprise Before Ashton Knight was a loving partner and father, he was first and foremost a businessman. Which is why, when Ashton agrees to sell his Trisure shares to his mother's ex-lover, he does so under one condition: he's involved in recruiting the new CEO. When an old friend takes the role...

  • Robbing the Alpha
    16.7K 832 21

    As Brooke prepares to gain Luna status by marrying her pack's Alpha, she learns she's fated to Huck, leader of the valley wolves. Now she must do everything in her power to forget him, bond with her betrothed, and secure her family's future... but the tension between them is impossible to ignore. Season 1 of Robbing...

  • Under The Hood
    13.6K 570 19

    After landing a secretary job at a luxury mechanic shop, Imogen Roberts is shocked to find out that her billionaire boss is the handsome stranger she had a steamy one-night stand with a month before. And the kicker? She's pregnant with his secret baby...and he doesn't remember her. Season 1 of The Mechanic *** The las...

  • RISING (2 - of Crows and Thorns)
    891K 34.8K 140

    Two girls. Two secrets. Only one can survive. Years before Nelle Wychthorn plans her escape, Tabitha Catt may unearth something in a Horned God's lair that is the key to freedom. Desperate to save her beloved aunt from a dark curse, Tabitha is out to steal the last magical item needed to break the spell, but a forbidd...