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  • Dangerous Thoughts
    19.9K 2.2K 29

    Charles Abbot is finally living the life he has always dreamed of. At only 25, he has managed to turn his unique magical ability of copying memories into a profitable business. His gift has brought him recognition, wealth, and the hand of Cecilia Monroe, one of the most beautiful and wealthiest women in town. However...

  • Vampirism | ✓
    218K 16.6K 22

    Wern Muller is always hungry. Unfortunately, eating for Wern is not as easy as grabbing takeout. Wern can only feed on the traumatic memories of people and animals. It's an exhausting and thought eroding experience, but Wern has to eat, or very bad things happen. To make it easier, Wern works in places where he is in...

  • Untie the Knot (SAMPLE)
    268K 2.4K 4

    [WATTYS SHORTLIST - 2021] Penny Lane, a young florist with a dislike of weddings and a dream of opening her own flower shop, has to overcome her insecurities to find love with Haze Delacroix, the charismatic owner of Underworld Delicacies, who charms his way into her heart by means of culinary delights, namely delicio...

    Completed   Mature