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  • The Remix of You + Me
    9.4K 191 30

    A Marshmello x reader story!!! Hope you all enjoy! ***************** You and your best friend Emma are headed to a Marshmello concert! This has been a dream of yours for a while now and now it's about to happen! Emma shows you a couple of friends and you seem to get along with the boy there. Little drama, but it doesn...

  • Marshmello the DJ x reader
    16.4K 174 24

    I'm a marshmello fan and marshmello pls don't get mad pls

  • 💕Not Alone💕(Marshmello x reader)
    18.2K 497 23

    A huge celebrity gets his traveling plans mixed up and gets stuck in a small town with a normal girl named (Y/n). (Y/n) is a huge fan of him. He ends up being stuck there in a car with Y/n for almost a week, but in this time period Marshmello realizes that all the fancy things in life really aren't as great as they se...

  • Marshmello X Reader
    39.1K 1K 33

    This is a fanfiction of Marshmello x reader (aka you if you didn't know) Y/n = your name