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  • Depressed Deku A TodoDeku Story~
    40.7K 494 20

    Midoriya was in deep depression had no idea what love is since his mother Passed away his father did horrible stuff to him. Until One day...... Read the story to see what happens ☡Abused☡ ☡suicided☡

  • Deku's daddy issues
    53.2K 1.4K 17

    Ok. So. I was really bored and I had lots of different ideas that included deku's problem of not having a father. So I decided to make lots of different scenes about it. You don't even have to read this, this is just my dumbass imagination that I had to get out of me. Thank you for your time. #9 #daddyissues

  • .Cindereki.
    5.8K 214 6

    Once upon a time there was a beautiful young man named Cindereki. He had two stepbrothers named cherry and joe and a cruel stepfather named shadow and his cat Miya. His life was horrible until his fairy godmother casted a spell upon him and he met someone special.....

  • MHA Sickfic
    13.9K 324 17

    Class 1a has the flu. Slowly hitting everyone. Bakugou and Dekyu are the only ones left untouched. Working day and night trying to help everyone feel better. But one day the tables turn when Bakugou finds Izuku in his bed.

  • anxiety
    46.4K 1.3K 21

    a sadish story with self harm homophobic behavior suicidal thoughts swearing and gay/ trans COMPLETE

  • | Helping Him | IidaKami |
    24.7K 872 12

    Desc: Kaminari can't take the constant jokes and harsh words thrown at him anymore. He's slowly breaking apart; but no one notices. No one but iida. He notices how Kaminari is sadder or how he flinches or looks hurt when someone mentions his stupidity". Or the limp he gets after a big argument involving him in his f...

  • he has it all (vigilante Deku AU)
    33.5K 1K 8

    Izuku Midoriya is a 13-year-old middle schooler. to everyone, Izuku seems like the perfect kid; he gets straight A's, he has a cool quirk, he's rich, he's good looking, and he has a good family... or at least everyone thinks. let's back up a little. In actuality, Izuku has experienced crime after crime; trauma after...

  • Purple || LangaReiki Sk8
    2.4K 83 1

    Langa and Reki have a strong bond.. but what if one of the friends end up falling for the other.. and want to confess.. but in a unexpected way.. Reki is afraid of storms. This is a oneshot.. 😌✨☕️

  • Stay with me || LangaReki
    10.2K 264 8

    Reki is in a toxic relationship with a girl.. Langa starts to notice.. but when Reki breaks down, will Langa's actions cause something? / Ngl I made this when I was sad so.. it gonna be angsty ishhhhh\

  • A New Purpose (ADOPTED)
    30K 748 6

    After waking up abandoned at the park, beaten and fatigued. He had nowhere to go as his abusive parents awaited him at home and his former best friend only wanted to beat the sense that he cant be a hero as he was diagnosed quirkless. The only person in life who truly cared about him, his brother Tenko, went missing...

  • What The Chats Have Become
    103K 3.4K 17

    Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! Now, who let this whackaddoo create like five stories in one week?! I don't know?! But moving on! This is just a chatfic, where people are EXPOSED!!!! I guess?

  • Cats and Coffee at 3am
    107K 3.1K 12

    Izuku doesn't seem like the depressed type, does he? Not with the happy, determined smile he pulls off. Needless to say, no one notices when those smiles start to become fake. That's what Izuku thinks anyways. Aizawa has other plans

  • Deku, go the fuck to sleep.
    8.6K 174 6

    Izu doesnt sleep Makes a groupchat and gets yelled at theres more to it tho cause oops

  • The Charmer (Shindeku)
    30.7K 1K 8

    Hey Guys this is my first book so please be be nice Book is completed ------------------- Not great at descriptions but this is a if deku was born with a quirk au His quirk is called charmspeak (inspired by a certain halfblood) read for a description of the quirk Some characters may differ from cannon but this is my...

  • Rain- Renga (sk8 the infinity)
    15.3K 562 7

    contains suicide & accidents "Maybe this life wasn't made for us. I'll see you soon, Langa." Reki is at a loss after Langa left. He feels as if he has blood on his hands despite only being witness to the tragedy. There's nothing anyone can do to help him besides himself, but it seems as if the options are running out...

  • empathy <asheiji>
    28.1K 1.1K 6

    "i dont completely understand how you feel, but im going to try my best to." ash's fingers, wet with his cold tears, gripped eiji's shirt weakly, staining it. "stay," he whispered, voice trembling. "stay with me. it doesn't have to be forever. i just need you right now..." this is gonna get like three views because b...

  • The Same Beige Building - SBI (+ tubbo and Ranboo) Psyche Ward Fic
    13.4K 677 6

    What happens when a group of teens with mental illness meet and become friends, but they meet in the psyche ward. They learn about each other horrid pasts and try to help themselves and their new friends to recovery. ~trigger warnings~ Psyche wards needles blood intrusive thoughts anxiety anxiety/panic attacks BPD (n...

  • MCYT sick/hurt fics
    3.2K 96 4

    I'm gonna be feeding y'all with sick/hurt, comfort fics :D triggers will be at the start of each chapter Cover not mine ENJOY!

  • Izuku catches a cold
    3.4K 69 3

    (Tododeku) what happens when Izuku catches a bad cold and still goes to school? find out. No art work used is mine

  • Chance
    82.7K 2.4K 9

    Toga, Dabi, and Deku have been caught by the heroes. But Wait, what's this, there's a rehabilitation program at UA? Join the villainous trio in the most prestigious hero school in Japan. Will they have a change of heart, or go back to their old ways. This is my first story, so sorry if it's bad. Constructive criticis...

    4.4K 200 3

    All hell breaks loose when class 1A suddenly finds out about Midoriya and Bakugou's not-so-stellar past. Friendships are made and lost, along with irreversible damage tearing through everyone. What will happen? Read to find out. Started - August 10, 2020 Ended -

  • Glass Heart
    455K 17.5K 84

    TRIGGER WARNINGS - suicide attempts and consideration, self harm and depression. Izuku is being abused by his father. His mother left him and ended up dying. Izuku at the age of nine tries to commit suicide, but is saved by Aizawa. Aizawa decides that he will help this kid become a hero, quirk or not. Along the way, h...

  • Class 1-gAy chatfic
    42.4K 852 14

    this has angst and deppresed deku! also cussing...alot of it.

  • The Idiots Of UA (BNHA Chatfic)
    57.2K 1.8K 31

    Random as shit group chat involving 1-A and pro heroes Might have ships in the future Update: CONFIRMED SHIPS KiriBaku TodoDeku EraserMic ToshiInko (AM X Pro Hero!Inko) CHAPTER NUMBER GOALS 25 [COMPLETE] Currently: 65

  • Booty Rockin' Everywhere
    13.4K 468 4

    [BRUH HONESTLY DO NOT EVEN READ THIS, IT'S SO EMBARRASSING 😭😭 I wrote this when I was like 13 ok😭] It all started when Hitoshi and Izuku blasted the song Ms. New Booty in the 1A dorms for 12 hours, the speakers having not been found while they ran off and got married at a Taco Bell. And then Mina got thrown into t...

  • A Helping Hand
    14.2K 321 5

    Izuku Midoriya. The sweet cinnamon roll. He's so nice he has the perfect life right. What if that's not the case. What if our cinnamon roll is being abused. What will happen when one day Izuku's father goes to U.A. What will happen when they find out about Izuku's life. Will they be able to save him. Or will they lose...

  • Where Home Is
    9.7K 821 1

    When Corona Virus forces 1-A into an online classroom for a period of time, Aizawa is annoyed. But when his number one Problem Child starts wearing makeup and flinching at movement, he becomes concerned. Izuku just wishes that his father never came home in the first place.

  • despite the scars
    277K 11.1K 41

    Izuku doesn't like heroes, most are fake, they like money and popularity. Izuku knew that his new home needed a hero, left with few choices, he became his own hero. how does Izuku manage to get through his new life, with new people and challenges? Can he really trust these new people?

  • Ball of sunshine
    243K 6.5K 30

    Izuku Midoriya was abused his whole life by his father. His mother and half brother was too. His brother eventually got kicked out and his mother killed infront of him when he was 4. Read this to find out how Izuku reunites with his brother and was taken in by an unexpected family that shows him real love and affect...